Genea Webinars

At Genea, we pride ourselves on helping tenants and building managers achieve success. Genea webinars serve as an educational foundation for current and prospective for current and prospective clients to learn about industry-breaking news and regulations, receive practical training from our experts, and deeply explore all the latest software releases and features Genea offers. Whether beginning your exciting journey with Genea or looking to streamline your workflow, our webinars about property technology including Overtime HVAC, Security and Submeter Billing, will help your team feel comfortable and confident.

Past Webinars

Unifying Cloud-based Security & Video Management in a Single Pane of Glass

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of cloud security and discuss the seamless single pane of glass experience between Milestone and Genea.

December 2023 Shop Talk: Cracking the Code – Exploring the Significance of Title 24

Learn how the regulation is affecting building portfolios and see how you can more accurately account for your lighting, HVAC, air, and more with submetering.  

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November 2023 Shop Talk: Evaluating the Future of Submetering

Jake Seegrist from Next Century Meters stops by to discuss how property teams are gaining real-time insight into their energy consumption with submetering.

Silos are Expensive- Seamlessly Connecting Building Access, Parking & the Building Ecosystem Together

To understand the downside of siloed solutions and the benefits of connecting your building software, Genea partnered with BuildingHub and Amano McGann in this webinar.

October 2023 Shop Talk: Unveiling the Dynamic Partnership between Genea and Gridium

Genea and guest partner, Gridium, introduce viewers to the power of energy analytics and utility dashboarding. See how your utility data can be monitored and compiled to help you and your tenants save energy.

September 2023 Shop Talk: Unlock the Power of Dent Meters

When it comes to submetering, property managers and engineers depend on accuracy. See how meter manufacturer Dent Instruments is working with Genea to empower building teams with highly efficient submetering systems.

August 2023 Shop Talk: Accelerating ESG Success and Mastering Data Collection

In our first Shop Talk webinar, Brian Haine, Operations Systems Engineer at Genea, shares his expertise on metering equipment and utility monitoring.

Midyear Product Updates: New Customer-Inspired Features for 2023

On July 19, 2023, Product Director Matija Abicic went over the newest features and integrations released during the first half of the year, and gave a preview of upcoming releases.

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How to Drive Efficiency with Submetering at Scale

As part of Genea’s ongoing commitment to industry innovation and education, we hosted a webinar “How to Drive Efficiency with Submetering at Scale.” Speakers Robert Vail, VP of Sales, CRE at Genea, and Brian Haine, Operations System Engineer, discussed the ins and outs of successful submeter reading and billing, sharing three use cases. 

Midyear Product Updates: New Customer-Inspired Features for 2022

On July 13, Genea reviewed its latest integration and feature releases during the Genea Product Update webinar. The biannual virtual event highlighted some of the most significant technological advancements made to Genea Security, a cloud-based software system that operates on non-proprietary hardware.   

Access Control Security Meets Video Management: Rhombus + Genea

In a rapidly transforming world, keeping your security up to date is vital. API integrations unify otherwise disparate systems, giving you robust yet flexible solutions. The Genea-Rhombus Systems integration affords IT and security teams the ability to connect their door access control security and video management systems without leaving the access control portal.  

Product Release Update: January 2022

Fifty feature releases, 200+ customer insights, 8 new integrations. In 2021, Genea transformed the access control experience. From enterprises and retail businesses to educational and healthcare facilities, those looking for a modern security solution turned to Genea Security.  

Staying Secure: Access Control Best Practices

Schools. Healthcare. Retail. CRE. Security vulnerabilities are real. But there’s good news: you can minimize risk. Take a look at how many industries are addressing potential security concerns.

Energy Dashboards and Analytics

Join Genea as we unveil Energy Analytics, an exciting new platform feature for building teams and sustainability professionals.  

Genea Q3 Product Updates

As Genea continues to grow, we are bringing customer-driven Access Control and Visitor Management features to market. Learn about how teams are already benefiting from Global Dashboard, Badge Designer and Printing, Custom Visitor Groups and more.

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Integrating Access Control and Video Management

Genea and guest Cisco Meraki unpack tips for creating the ultimate, ironclad access control and video management integration. From object detection to robust dashboards and door alerts, explore how these industry pioneers are paving the way in future-first, enterprise-level security.

Decoding Access Control: Understanding the Complex Lingo

This month, Genea will clarify and define the common jargon used within the access control industry. Whether you’re new to access control or need a quick refresher, Genea’s got you covered. Learn the language of this rapidly expanding industry to better communicate with your team or customers.

Preparing for a Hybrid Workplace

Join us as we take a look at how COVID-19 has changed the workplace, the benefits of a hybrid work model, and steps human resources teams can take to cultivate a safe and successful hybrid office.

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Submetering Laws, Regulations and How to Adjust

This webinar covered submetering laws and regulations on how to adjust to ensure accuracy and accountability at your building.

Get Back to the Office with Safe Workplace

Keeping employees healthy and safe is is a top priority for all businesses and organizations. New and ever-changing guidelines on limiting the number of people who can gather in an area at a given time presents a unique challenge for the return to work. Safe Workplace can help.

Practical Ways to Implement Technology Tenants are Demanding

Genea’s Webinar on Practical Ways to Implement Technology that Tenants are Demanding covered how to select a technology project, how to evaluate a technology vendor, and what to look for in a solution.

Keeping Workplaces Healthy & Safe with Touchless Visitor Management

Touchless access control and visitor management practices are critical for a safe and healthy work environment. Genea is here to help office and building teams prepare for the new reality.

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Automating Submeter Reading and Billing

Genea and three industry experts hosted a Webinar on Automating the Way you Manage Submeter Reading and Billing.

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Quantifying the Value of Going On-Demand

This follow-up webinar provides an in-depth analysis of the energy and cost savings building teams have experienced while going on-demand with their HVAC during this period of low tenant occupancy.

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Touchless Access Control for Buildings

Touchless access control and visitor management practices are critical for a safe and healthy work environment. Genea is here to help office and building teams prepare for the new reality.

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Building Access Control in a Post-COVID-19 World

Genea’s Michael Maxsenti along with Danielle Ebner at Smarter Security and Emily Thrasher at Proxyclick hosted a Webinar focused on touchless Access Control, Entrance Control and Visitor Management during COVID-19.

How Property Teams Can Save Energy by Going On-Demand

As tenants shift to working remotely as a result of COVID-19, some of our clients are generating significant energy savings by turning off building equipment during Monday through Friday lease hours and having tenants use Genea’s OTHVAC service to turn on HVAC as needed. This is an excellent option for running buildings more efficiently during this period of lower occupancy.

With one sign-on into Okta, we were able to give physical access to a new employee and also block access when someone switched roles or moved on. It was a killer feature and that was a game changer for us.

Jonathan SpivaDirector of IT, OfferUp

Genea Security is very easy to use; it works with the phone well, hasn’t given me any trouble and I have yet to run into anything negative. This is a good company to partner with on these access control needs.

Jordan RackieCEO, Keyfactor

The best part of this product is the simplicity of it. I don’t have to use a keycard to enter the office, I can easily enter the office through my phone, which is so easy. Any product that makes things simple is a good product and Genea does exactly that.

Zach RieglerRegional Account Director, Apartment List