Access Control Security Meets Video Management: Rhombus + Genea

In a rapidly transforming world, keeping your security up to date is vital. API integrations unify otherwise disparate systems, giving you robust yet flexible solutions. The Genea-Rhombus Systems integration affords IT and security teams the ability to connect their door access control and video management systems without leaving the access control portal.  

Cloud-based, Non-proprietary Access Control Security

Genea Product Director, Matija Abicic and Rhombus Security’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Jeremy Gulley introduced the benefits of Genea Security and Rhombus.  

 These advantages include:  

  • Non-proprietary Hardware– IT and security teams can choose from dozens of other software providers. Genea is compatible with HID, STid, WaveLynx, and Mercury-based hardware.  
  • Mobile Access- Access your building or suite by using a smartphone. 
  • 24/7/365 Service and Support- Genea offers around-the-clock, in-app support, ensuring teams get the help they need whenever they need it.  
  • Visitor Management- Distribute temporary credentials, NDA forms and more before your guest even enters the building.  

Simple, Smart, Powerful Video Management  

Rhombus Systems designs and manufactures intelligent security cameras and sensors deployed within the cloud environment. Gulley mentioned some of the enterprises already using Rhombus, including Intuit, Hurley, Goodwill, Aramark, and more.  

“There’s a shift to the cloud going on in video security,” Gulley said. “We’re used to these on-site NVRs or DVRs. We’re used to a lot of complexity…” 

Traditional video surveillance was complex, inefficient and burdensome. It entailed many parts. If one of these parts failed, then the system would stop working. With Rhombus’ cloud-based platform IT and security teams can more easily scale their operations. Other benefits of using Rhombus include: 

  • Access from Anywhere– All devices and locations are available from a web-based console and mobile app.  
  • Powerful Analytics– The platform includes artificial intelligence like face and license plate recognition.  
  • Customizable Based on Environment– Teams can adjust camera settings and integrate with best-in-class solutions. 

Watch the webinar below to see how Genea and Rhombus integrate. 

Access Control Meets Video Management: Rhombus + Genea

Genea Security Software Product Demo

Genea VP of Sales Robert Vail walks users through the Genea Security and Visitor Management platforms. See how this cloud-based, non-proprietary access control solution can help your IT and security teams.

security personnel in office

Integrating Access Control and Video Management

Genea and guest Cisco Meraki unpack tips for creating the ultimate, ironclad access control and video management integration. From object detection to robust dashboards and door alerts, explore how these industry pioneers are paving the way in future-first, enterprise-level security.