Cloud-Based Access Control

Genea Security Meets Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

Cloud-Based Access Control

Genea Security Meets Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

Embrace the power of mobile, cloud-based access control paired with the convenience of Apple Wallet. 

Store your mobile key with your digital credit and debit cards — right on your iPhone or Apple Watch. 

How Apple Wallet and Genea Work Together

Built on the Genea Security platform, system administrators can assign and customize access privileges for their end users. After adding permissions, users may incorporate their mobile credential into their Apple ecosystem by dropping the digital badge into Apple Wallet.  

Intuitive Setup

Within Access Control, a badge is customized, and permissions are granted. The badge will give end users access to enter their building, office space and amenity spaces. 

Express Mode

End users do not need to unlock their device to use their badge in Apple Wallet.  

Unlock with the iPhone or Apple Watch

After the user adds their key to Apple Wallet, they can simply hold their device near an NFC-enabled door reader to access secured areas. 

Power Reserve Mode

If your device needs a charge or runs out of battery, your badge will still work. The iPhone will use its power reserve for up to five hours. 

Access Control

Genea Security is a cloud-based solution that provides secure and efficient access control for businesses of all sizes. Our intuitive system is designed to work seamlessly with non-proprietary Mercury and HID hardware, giving you the flexibility to choose the tools that work best for your organization.

The Benefits of Apple
Wallet and Genea

The Benefits of Apple
Wallet and Genea

Unlike physical cards, there is no waiting time for gaining building credentials and access for new employees.  

  • Convenience

    Forget carrying key cards, instead keep your access badge right on your phone. 


  • Speed

    Get in and out of the suite faster without having to fumble through your wallet. With “Express Mode,” there is no need to wake or unlock your iPhone or Apple Watch. 

  • Security

    Genea takes your security seriously. If your phone ever gets misplaced, simply mark the device as lost, and Genea will automatically suspend your access credentials.

Slim Down Your Wallet

Stop carrying physical key cards. Secure and store your mobile key right inside your Apple Wallet.   

Genea Security is a well-implemented product with a solid staff. The product makes physical access very easy to implement across the globe and we have yet to find any cons with the product – the team has been great.

Andy HalvorsenDirector of IT Operations, Sumo Logic Inc.

Genea Security is very easy to use; it works with the phone well, hasn’t given me any trouble and I have yet to run into anything negative. This is a good company to partner with on these access control needs.

Jordan RackieCEO, Keyfactor

The best part of this product is the simplicity of it. I don’t have to use a keycard to enter the office, I can easily enter the office through my phone, which is so easy. Any product that makes things simple is a good product and Genea does exactly that.

Zach RieglerRegional Account Director, Apartment List

No Phone? No Problem.

No Phone? No Problem.

Badge into the building and suite using Apple Watch — even without your iPhone. Similar to Apple Pay, users can gain access without a wireless signal.

close up hand holding phone

Mobile Access

Mobile access control puts the power in your hands, literally. Use a phone to unlock doors with a tap or a twist gesture and say goodbye to key cards and fobs for good.

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Our touchless visitor management system allows visitors to sign themselves in digitally, keeping an electronic record of all visits letting the host focus on more important tasks.

the best cloud-based access control software for your office or building


Our cloud-based security software leverages your existing hardware and introduces intuitive, cloud-based software built to automate workflows of adding and removing users, and works with numerous integrations.

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Custom access badges put designing and printing at your fingertips. Get creative with unlimited ways to customize your physical access badges to fit your brand.

*Apple Wallet is currently only supported by HID.

See why enterprises trust Genea to help secure, scale and automate their operations.

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