Submeter Billing

Submeter Billing Made Easy with the Cloud

Genea Submeter Billing helps property managers, building engineers and tenants better understand their utility usage. Automate your submetering collection, track meter readings and create easy-to-read invoices. No spreadsheets required. 

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How Submeter Reading Works

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How Submeter Reading Works

Genea Submeter Billing uses cloud-based technology to simplify your meter reading process. Our solution is compatible with both networked and non-networked buildings 

  • Networked

    Our device plugs into your BMS. It automatically takes utility readings and transmits the data to your Genea Submeter Billing dashboard. 

  • Non-networked

    A QR code is placed on each of your meters. When it’s time to take a reading, simply use the camera app on your smartphone and upload the photo to Genea

How You Benefit from Submetering

With rising costs of water and energy, it’s important to implement a reliable and accurate submeter system. Genea’s cloud-based app helps property teams save money and bill with confidence.

Eliminate Billing Mistakes

Manual submeter reading is subject to human error. With automated readings, you can eliminate the costly mistakes that come from complex multipliers and formulas. This results in preventing lost revenue and avoiding tenant disputes.

Detailed Reports

Our intuitive interface empowers property managers and building engineers to stay organized. No more unaccounted for water bill costs. Instead, you can maintain detailed records of all your meter reads, giving you and your teneants peace of mind.

Validate Submeter Readings

Validates meter readings the moment you take a meter read. This process ensures that errors are eliminated immediately before they become larger billing issues.

Meters We Work With

Genea Submeter Billing is a one-size-fits-all solution. From water meters to electric meters, we ensure property teams collect accurate data.







Genea + Hines: How Hines Improved its Metering

Discover how Hines, a global real estate firm, overcame inaccurate submeter billing and lack of support with Genea. With over 6 million square feet of Class-A office space, Hines faced challenges in billing accuracy and transparency.

We Are Committed to Our Customers


Leave the Billing to Us

Each month, our submeter billing team compiles your data for you. We create invoices for each of your properties and tenants, saving you time. 




Mobile App Features

Mobile App Features

Modern building solutions require innovative features. Genea combines practical tools with a user-friendly design to make your submeter billing easy.

  • Modern Dashboard

    Your Submeter Billing dashboard is a checklist. Building engineers can view already-read and remaining meters, as well as meter data queued for uploading.

  • Meter Reading Ranges

    Get alerted when a meter reading falls outside the normal range. The expected range is projected by historical meter trends and adjusted seasonally.

No Setup Fees

Use the hardware you have. Genea empowers property teams to save money by using the hardware they already have installed.

Submeter Billing

Your First Invoice is On Us

Ready to give Submeter Billing a try? Our team will analyze your current submeter billing spreadsheets and locate errors that are causing you to overbill or underbill your tenants. Simply request a demo below.

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The Genea Difference

Genea’s automated, streamlined approach to submeter billing is a major reason why we’re proud to boast a 98% customer retention rate. But it’s not the only reason. Our customer support team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; committed to assisting you when you need us most. That’s the Genea Difference.

98% Customer Retention

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See why the world’s largest corporate real estate companies trust Genea to automate their operations.