Submeter Billing

Submeter Billing

Submeter Billing

Submeter Billing

Genea’s cloud-based, automated submeter billing software works with your existing networked and non-networked meters to streamline the submeter reading and billing process. Ditch the clipboards and spreadsheets and take the guesswork out of submetering once and for all.

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Submeter Billing

Learn how Submeter Billing can help you automate your utility reading and billing processes.

Automate Submeter Billing and Reading

Automate Submeter Billing and Reading

Our next-gen, mobile-first platform streamlines submeter reading and billing by ditching the manual processes that have led to inefficiencies in the past. Removing manual record keeping on clipboards and in spreadsheets gives your property management team time to focus on more important tasks to provide the best service and accurate invoices for your tenants.

Let Us Help You

Let Us Help You

Genea’s modern, mobile-first approach to submeter billing is built to eliminate manual processes and take the guesswork out of your existing system. Want to see for yourself? Our team will analyze your current submeter billing spreadsheets and locate errors that are causing you to overbill or underbill your tenants. And we’ll do it all for free! Simply request a demo below.

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We Are Committed to Our Customers


This software makes submitting and tracking submeters easy for the whole team.

The amount of money that we have been able to recoup from fixing past mistakes is due to Genea Submeter Billing.

It is very easy to report readings and receive statements back quickly. Submeter Billing saves us time on the back end by not having to compile and calculate readings.

Cut Out Costly Billing Mistakes

Cut Out Costly Billing Mistakes

Manual submeter reading is subject to human error. By automating readings and generating billing based on the multipliers and complex formulas of your building management system, you eliminate avoidable mistakes that can mean lost revenue and disputes with tenants.

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Bring Your Own Meters

Bring Your Own Meters

Genea’s software can be integrated with the meters you already have for all utility types (electric, water, etc), whether they’re networked or non-networked. Eliminate expensive installation costs and set up your system in a matter of days so you don’t miss a billing cycle. Our innovative, cloud-based system maximizes the efficiency of the tools you already use, which means savings you can pass along to your tenants.

Networked and Manual Meters

Making What You Do Easier

Maintain an Audit Trail

The Genea platform maintains a detailed audit trail for all of your meters in an intuitive, easy-to-understand format so you and your tenants can be confident in reading accuracy.

Intuitive App

If you’re ditching manual meter reading systems, it’s important to switch to something easier. Genea’s intuitive app makes taking readings on both networked and non-networked meters as simple as possible.

Instantly Validated Readings

The Genea platform validates meter readings at the moment the meter is read. This lightning-fast process ensures that errors are eliminated immediately before they become larger billing issues.

No Setup Fees

Genea’s system works with the tools you already have from meters down to the phones you use every day. By avoiding expensive installation and hardware costs you avoid the investment prices that come with other modern systems.

The Genea Difference

Genea’s automated, streamlined approach to submeter billing is a major reason why we’re proud to boast a 98% customer retention rate. But it’s not the only reason. Our customer support team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; committed to assisting you when you need us most.
That’s the Genea Difference.

98% Customer Retention

24/7/365 Support

75 Net Promoter Score

See why the world’s largest corporate real estate companies trust Genea to automate their operations.