Itemized Tenant Billing Statements

Itemized Tenant Billing Statements

Every building is different. That’s why we’ve built Genea Overtime HVAC with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of fulfillment and itemized tenant billing scenarios.

Billing Transparency

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    Clear Invoice HVAC Templates

    Detailed monthly invoices help building teams track utility expenses. Curb the confusion of cluttered invoices with clean layouts.

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    Detailed, Reader-Friendly Invoices

    Daily usage, fees, user requests, cost center, and lease allowances are all included in invoices.

Minimum Run Time and Bill Time

Minimum Runtime

Turning on equipment is costly, so ensure you get the most out of your system. Set minimum runtimes on all tenant HVAC requests.

Minimum Bill Time

Set a Minimum Bill Time to recoup costs. If a tenant cancels an HVAC request, they will still be charged.


Bill tenants at a lower rate. HVAC Fans is an alternative. Tenants may request HVAC fans use instead of Overtime HVAC outside of leasing hours.

This product offers real-time afterhours HVAC made simple, on computers and a mobile app. Automated real-time ordering is a “convenience” that all tenants should have and all management companies should have the ability to meet this on-demand need, in real-time!

Edward Kim, Assistant Property Manager

This is a cutting-edge after-hours HVAC platform that is easy to use and administer from both an end-user and admin level. The tenants love it and customer support is unparalleled, again from both ends. The mobile app is great, and all-in-all it’s a very effective product that is well received.

Cary Johnson, Chief Engineer

Genea’s Overtime HVAC software is very easy and efficient to navigate and utilize. It helps my tenants be able to log in from their phones to quickly request and manage the OT HVAC for their suites. It’s also helped us on the back end be able to easily assist tenants during non-business hours.

Nyeela Love, Operations Coordinator

Free Hours Come First

Some tenants negotiate free Overtime HVAC hours into their lease — Genea lets them use these hours first.

Tenants Use Free Hours First.

Once Free Hours are Depleted, the Normal Rate Kicks In.

Before a Tenant Submits an HVAC Request, Inform Them of the Cost.

Recurring Requests

Tenants often need HVAC service on a regular schedule. With Genea Overtime HVAC, tenants can submit recurring requests. Create requests for multiple days with the same week. Additionally, tenants can request the same day of the week over multiple weeks.

Tenants Can Submit Recurring Requests

Recurring Requests reduces paperwork and crowded inboxes. It streamlines communication between property teams and tenants.

Request OTHVAC Anytime

Submit requests are one time or all at once.

Customize Start and Stop Dates

Automatically start and stop Overtime HVAC on tenant-requested dates.

Overlapping Requests

Specify when tenants may request service. Restrict individual users from making request outside of normal lease hours.

Ensure tenants don’t get billed twice.

Quickly detect overlapping requests.

Add time restrictions on HVAC requests.


Split Billing

Split billing rates between two suites on the same floor. How it works: Multiple tenants submit HVAC requests for service at the same time. If no additional equipment is required, tenants share the cost.

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Double Billing

When multiple tenants run Overtime HVAC at the same time, property teams can bill both tenants…even if no extra equipment is necessary.

How Genea Handles Complex Fulfillment and Billing Scenarios

Tiered Billing

Negotiate a tiered billing structure. If tenants run Overtime HVAC on multiple floors, a tiered billing structure may be helpful.

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Accounting and Work Order Systems

Generate easy-to-read, pre-formatted invoices with the accounting software you trust. Overtime HVAC supports popular systems, including Yardi, MRI, Workspeed, Angus and Building Engines.

Streamline your accounting.

Upload and share pre-formatted invoices.

Overtime HVAC supports popular work order systems.

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