Emergencies can come at a moment’s notice, which is why commercial real estate teams must equip themselves with the proper tools to respond. Enter Genea Muster Reports. A muster report is a detailed roster used during emergencies like active shooter situations, fires, earthquakes and more.

When combined with an access control system, muster reports help better pinpoint who is in a building and the individual’s last known access location. See how you can enhance your emergency plan with Genea Security + Muster Reports.

How Muster Reports Used?

Commercial real estate teams commonly use muster reports to account for the people in their buildings. For example, if a fire happens on the fifth floor of an office building, the property manager may wish to use a muster report. They can view which tenants badged into the fifth-floor offices that day. If the fire forces an evacuation, then the property manager can ensure every person on the fifth floor is accounted for and safe.

Schools and universities use muster reporting as well. During an active shooter incident, using these logs can save lives. If, after conducting a head count, anybody is still missing, security personnel can check the cameras integrated into the access control system. This can help identify and locate the missing person.

What’s a Muster Point?

A muster point is a designated area where all employees, guests and visitors assemble when an emergency occurs. These areas help administrators, building managers, law enforcement and rescue workers properly account for people belonging to their facilities.

Considerations for Muster Points

When it comes to implementing Muster Reports, one of the most important decisions is choosing which doors to include as muster points. Administrators must consider several factors, including:

1. The type of potential emergencies

2. Building architecture

3. Ingress and egress within the facility

Consider these points when devising an overall security plan for your facility. Learn how our customers are using features like Genea Emergency Plans to prepare for emergencies.

What Genea Offers?

Property teams can offer their tenants a tenant-specific version of Genea Security. The tenant version includes full self-service capabilities. IT and security administrators can manage their employees by automating employee access using Genea’s free integrations with Okta, Azure, Google Workspace and more.

Muster Reports is another value-added feature in Genea’s self-service lineup. Property teams can use Muster Reports themselves and offer the feature to their customers via Access Control’s built-in Building Sync.

Genea Muster Reports provide detailed activity information, including:

  • Users Name
  • Email
  • Entry Time
  • Last Accessed Door and more

Data is compiled from the last 48 hours and is exportable from the Genea Dashboard. If property teams require data from outside of 48 hours, then they may use Genea’s automated reporting feature. Genea Custom Reporting allows end-user administrators to create custom reports based on any data point. The reports may then be emailed directly to your inbox.

Genea Custom Reporting Illustration with laptop

Additionally, Genea is backed by 24/7/365 live support. Any time you need help, a Genea representative is a click or phone call away. Learn how Genea Security and Muster Reports will improve your safety.

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