IT & Security

Cloud-Based Access Control as the Standard

IT & Security

Cloud-Based Access Control as the Standard

IT and security teams have a lot of responsibility. So they need a system that helps plan, prevent and protect against new threats — that’s why they turn to Genea. Genea Security is cloud-based software built on non-proprietary hardware and backed by live 24/7/365 support. 

New Threats Demand New Tech

Genea gives IT and security teams the ability to analyze threats within an intuitive single pane of glass. Take advantage of cutting-edge software and API integrations to centralize security, gather foot traffic data, draft emergency plans and more. 


Automate the adding and removing of users. Assign custom roles and create temporary keys.


Monitor who comes and goes from any site.


Generate audit logs in real time. Archive non-pertinent access events or respond to emergencies.

Work from Anywhere

Remote Access

Tired of tunneling in for remote access? No longer do IT and security teams need to be on site. Genea’s cloud-based security software gives administrators the power to monitor their access control system globally. Now you get the access you need anytime, anywhere in seconds.

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Integrated Security, One Unified System

What if you could quickly and easily connect your video management and other isolated security systems to your access control? Now you can. Connect and sync your security infrastructure with our extensive list of native integrations. 

Video Management

Sync door alerts and more from your video management system into our access control platform with a single API token.

Identity Management

Adding and removing users takes time out of your day. Automate the credentialing process with Genea’s Identity Management integrations. Now, IT and security teams can leverage the data already stored in Azure, Active Directory, Google Workspace or Okta for automatic credentialing.

Elevator Integrations

Looking for a seamless way to get from the ground level to the suite? Genea integrates with OTIS and Schindler elevators.

Chat Systems

Unify your communication and access control software to receive instant notifications during an access event. Genea comes with out-of-the-box Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations, meaning you can get connected in just minutes.

Installation Made Simple

Easy Installation

Installation Made Simple

Easy Installation

Genea will guide you through the installation process from start to finish. Whether you’re replacing an outdated system or installing a brand new access control system, Genea will make sure your implementation is successful.   

  • Extensive Integrator partners globally

  • Live customer phone and chat support is available 24/7/365

  • Learning material including help guides and blogs

  • New features and integrations added regularly

Security built on trust

Security and Compliance

Security built on trust

Security and Compliance

Cloud security can make or break your access control. At Genea, we make sure that your data is always protected whether its in-transit or at rest. How? Our system leverages 256-bit-encrypted HTTPS protocol — TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 and above, which means anyone or anything—including a supercomputer—that tries to pry, will take years to crack the decryption combination. 

  • Frequent vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

  • Incident management

  • SOC 2, Type 2 Compliant

  • Industry standard encryption

Other Popular Features

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Custom Roles

Custom Roles gives system admins the power to customize, assign and manage administrative privileges within their Access Control system. Get granular by assigning role-based permissions, and track who has specific administrative privileges.  

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Mobile Access

Mobile access control puts the power in your hands, literally. Use a phone to unlock doors with a tap or a twist gesture and say goodbye to key cards and fobs for good.

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Our touchless visitor management system allows visitors to sign themselves in digitally, keeping an electronic record of all visits letting the host focus on more important tasks.

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Global Dashboard

Global Dashboard allows admins to access aggregated user activity, hardware status, and alarm data from each of your facilities without navigating through countless tabs and windows.

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