Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on January 8, 2020. Your privacy is important to Genea Energy Partners Inc. (“Genea”) and its subsidiaries. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes Genea’s practices for the personal information (“ Personal Information”) we collect and obtain through (a) our websites displaying this Policy, including and not limited to the sites at and domains (“Sites”), (b) the application programming interfaces (“APIs”) and other software (“Software”) we make available for use, and (c) the services we provide through our Sites, APIs, and Software (“Services” and, in combination with the APIs and Software, “Offerings”).

Collection of Personal Information

Personal Information” refers to information that may be reasonably associated with, linked to, or used to identify an individual, allowing that individual to be personally identified or contacted. Genea may collect Personal Information from individuals accessing or using the Site or Offerings. We may also collect Personal Information from Users when the Applications accessed by the Users make use of the Offerings. The Personal Information we collect may be obtained automatically through the operation of the Site or Offerings or voluntarily through the use of the Site and Offerings. Examples of voluntary sources of Personal Information may include, registrations, responses, reviews, comments, confirmations, surveys, and emails, messages and other communications and interactions through the Site or Offerings. In addition to your name, the types of Personal Information we may collect from you are:

  • E-mail address
  • Work Contact information (including, address, zip code, country, and phone number)
  • Password
  • Domain name and Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • Information about the device used to access our websites and product offerings
  • Statistics regarding when and how you access to the Site or Offerings
  • Information you may volunteer through your interactions with the Site or Offerings.

Genea may also obtain the following types of Personal Information from third parties:

  • We obtain Personal Information collected by our customers (“Customers”) and uploaded through use of our Offerings
  • We obtain the E-mail addresses of individuals from suppliers who use automated prospecting tools.

Genea may use the Personal Information we collect and obtain through the Site or Offerings as described in this Policy. YOU SHOULD NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION THROUGH THE SITE OR OFFERINGS UNLESS YOU WOULD LIKE THAT INFORMATION TO BE USED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS POLICY. The Personal Information that Genea collects and obtains will only be used to perform the Services and Offerings i.e. :

  • Providing Customers with information regarding Users and their use of Applications
  • Providing Customers with the tools and services offered through the Site and Offerings
  • Customizing and improving the Site and Offerings
  • Providing maintenance, support, and service for the Site and Offerings
  • Providing notices to Customers regarding the Site and Offerings
  • Analyzing data and patterns regarding interactions with the Site and Offerings
  • Developing additional tools, services, and functionality for the Site and Offerings
  • Contacting Customers for information verification purposes

Sharing of Personal Information

In addition to the other uses of Personal Information described in this Policy, we may share to third parties the Personal Information we collect and obtain in the following ways:

  • Service Providers. We may share Personal Information regarding Users and Customers with third parties that help us provide various services relating to the Site or Offerings rather than performing the services ourselves. For example, we may contract with a third party to: (a) maintain and manage our databases; (b) to host our Site or Offerings; (c) assist us with Personal Information collection; (d) provide analysis or testing of our Site or Offerings; (e) to enhance or overlay Personal Information with other information and data obtained from third parties; or (f) provide other services to assist us in our business.

Sensitive Information

Customers are not required to provide Genea with any Information regarding medical or health conditions, race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or other sensitive Information in order to use the Site or Offerings. Genea does not knowingly solicit or collect, and Customers should not provide to Genea, any such sensitive Information.


The Site and Offerings are intended for a general audience and are not directed to children under 16 years of age. Genea does not knowingly receive, collect, or obtain Personal Information from children under 16 years of age.

Disclosure Of Information As Required By Law

Though we make reasonable and appropriate efforts to preserve user privacy as stated in this Policy, we may need to disclose certain of your Personal Information of Customers or Users when we have a reasonable and good-faith belief that the disclosure is necessary to enforce the Genea Terms of Use for the Site and Offerings, to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order or other legal process, to avoid injury to a third party, or to otherwise enforce or protect Genea’s rights under applicable law, including, without limitation, Genea’s intellectual property rights. In these situations, we will use reasonable efforts to provide notice of our disclosure to you if your information included is in the disclosure, to the extent permitted or possible under the circumstances.

We also may be required to disclose an individual’s personal information in response to a lawful request by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

Choice And Opt-out

We provide Customers with a choice whether to receive certain emails or other messages through the Site and Services and the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ of having their Personal Information shared for certain purposes.

If a Customer no longer wishes to receive certain messages from Genea through the Site or Services or to have their Personal Information shared in the manner permitted by this Policy, they may seek to opt-out of receiving those messages from us or having their Personal Information shared in that manner. In some cases, opting out of receiving messages or having Personal Information shared will not affect the ability to use or access the Site or Offerings. However, some messages are necessary to the operation of the Site and Offerings. Likewise, some sharing of Personal Information is necessary to operate and provide the functionality for the Site and Offerings.

If a Customer wishes to opt-out of receiving these messages or of sharing Personal Information this manner, we may be required to limit or cancel their access to and use of the Site or Offerings. Note also that a User is required to contact the Customer offering an Application directly to opt-out of receiving emails or other messages from that Customer or through the Application. All opt-out requests to Genea can be made by contacting us at or our publicly-listed phone number. Note that it may take up to 10 days to remove contact information from our lists, so messages from us may continue for a time after a removal request is made.

Automated Tracking ( Cookies, Flash Cookies and Web Beacons)

We and our third party service providers use automated tracking technology, such as “cookies,” “Flash cookies,” and “web beacons,” to monitor and collect Information regarding interaction with the Site and Offerings. “Cookies” and “Flash cookies” include pieces of information in the form of small files that are placed on an individual’s computer or mobile device to allow us to recognize a particular computer or mobile device. “Web beacons” (also known as “single–pixel” or “clear” GIFs) include electronic images embedded in the Site or Offerings used to pass information from a particular computer to us.

We may use tracking technologies that expire once a web browser is closed or that persist and stay on a computer or mobile device until they are deleted. Most browsers will allow cookies to be erased from a computer or mobile device or to be blocked from the computer or device. Browsers may also enable receipt of a warning before a cookie is stored. Browsers or email software may also enable refusal of certain web beacons by adjusting the settings on the browser or email software. Please refer to the instructions or help screen for the browser or email software to learn more about these functions. On our Sites’ pages, a banner is displayed which allows you to choose to accept or decline cookies

Genea Mobile App Specifics

What information do we collect, from where, and how do we use it?

From Your Device:

  • We collect all necessary information to identify and confirm that all users of the Genea Mobile Application (the “App”) are authorized to have access to the Application. We use the collected information to block access for all unauthorized users and to prosecute illegal use of our services.

From Your Microphone:

  • The Application supports speech recognition used for data collection. We do not record or store any speech.

From Your Camera:

  • The Application creates photographs for validation of data collection. The photographs are stored on the Genea platform. We store all App created photographs in a clearly identifiable, separate photo album. We only transfer the contents of that album to the Genea Platform. We do not access any other photos on your device, period.

From Your SD Card/Internal Storage:

  • The Application stores it’s configuration and collection data on your device using external and/or internal storage media. We do not read or access any storage media in your device for any other purpose.

From Your Calendar:

  • The Application creates events to notify you of critical App related events on your Calendar in a clearly identifiable, custom Calendar object. We do not interact with any other Calendar object on your device in any way.

Your Device May Notify Us:

  • We are automatically notified of any critical errors that may occur during your usage of the Application. The notifications ensure a prompt resolution of any identified issues.

Access, Review and Update Of Information

To the extent that you do provide us with Personal Information, we wish to maintain accurate Personal Information. All individuals have the right to access the personal information/data that we maintain about them. An individual who seeks access, or who seeks to correct, amend, or delete inaccurate data, should direct his query to If requested to remove data, we will respond within a reasonable timeframe. Your email should include adequate details of your request.

Notification Of Changes

We will notify Customers of any changes to this Policy. Notification will be made by way of an email to Customers or by posting of the changes on through our Site. Changes to this Policy will be effective 30 days following notice to any existing Customers and immediately for any new Customers. Continued use of the Site or Offerings by a Customer after any change has become effective will constitute acceptance by that Customer of that change. Unless we seek and receive consent from a Customer, we will use the Personal Information we collect in accordance with the version of this Policy effective when the Personal Information was last collected. Customers may contact us as described above regarding any change to this Policy, including to prevent their Personal Information from being used pursuant to any change to this Policy.


Genea is committed to protect and secure your Personal Information. Despite our commitment, no security system can be 100% effective and we cannot guarantee that your Personal Information will be secure in all situations. We will nonetheless take all reasonable and appropriate steps to insure the safety and security of your Personal Information. This includes using at least industry standard security measures to protect the loss, misuse, and unintended alteration of the Personal Information under our control. All employees and contractors are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices. Finally, the servers that we store personally identifiable information on are kept in a secure environment.

Transfer Of Information

If Genea elects, in its reasonable discretion, to transfer ownership or control of the Site or any Offering to a third party, whether or not in the context of an acquisition, merger, or reorganization, you consent, to the extent this is required, to the transfer of your Personal Information by Genea to that third party, provided that all use and sharing of your Information by that third party remains subject to the terms of this Policy and any applicable changes.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. If you have any comments or questions regarding our Privacy Policy, or Personal Information that we may be storing and using, please contact us at