Building Engineers

Automation Tools for the Modern Building Engineer

Building Engineers

Automation Tools for the Modern Building Engineer

Why is my building running warmer than usual? Do we have enough room in the budget to meet energy compliance standards? Is my building security up to date? Building engineers face problems like these every day.

Whether you are looking for the perfect cloud-based submeter billing platform or finding a way to automate after-hours HVAC, Genea is here. See how we help building engineers meet their goals through cloud-based, future-first technology solutions.  


What to Submeter?


What to Submeter?

Anytime a tenant uses energy, it should be recorded. Engineers can submeter by load type, including HVAC, electricity, water and heating. 

Genea Helps Building Engineers Measure:






Submeter Billing

Why Submeter?

Submeter Billing

Why Submeter?

Detailed utility data is essential for cutting costs and conserving energy. Learn how you can increase tenant satisfaction, abide by energy regulations, locate leaks and more.  

Submeter Billing

Method and Frequency of Reading Meters

Submeter Billing

Method and Frequency of Reading Meters

The frequency with which engineers read their meters varies. For engineers with a small number of meters, manually performing reads once per month is relatively simple. Engineers with more meters may want to consider networked meter options. 

  • Monthly Blended Rate

    Once per month is standard.

  • Standard Metering

    Many engineers find it best to perform readings every 15 minutes. By conducting readings at this frequency, engineers can collect more accurate data. Often, this data is retained for several years.

When to Replace or Upgrade Your Meters

When to replace a meter can be a difficult question. Meters generally do not become uncalibrated. Instead, they often fail completely.  

Lifetime Calibration

Many meters are factory calibrated for life and cannot be calibrated once installed. Typically, the life of a meter is the warranty period, often between three and five years. 

Tenant Improvement Stipulations

Most leases state that submetering is part of the tenant improvement work. Therefore, engineers can contractually justify when new meters get installed. 

Changing Technology

Meter technology has improved over the last several years. Upgrading meters has many advantages, including more accurate reads, achieving your green energy goals, reducing operating costs and more.

Non-networked vs Networked Submeters

Non-networked Submetering

Modernize without replacing your manual meters. Reading & recording meter data on a clipboard takes time and leads to inaccurate billing. Learn how you can modernize without ripping and replacing hardware. 

  • Go Digital

    Simply capture and upload your reads right from your smartphone. 

  • Optional Two-Step Scanning

    For hard-to-reach submeters, building engineers can take advantage of Genea’s two-step scanning.

  • Automate

    Rollovers & multipliers are automatically calculated.

  • Quick Upload Time

    Take photos of your reads and upload them for data entry. 

  • Validate Entries Instantly

    Entries are validated at the time of data entry.

Networked Submeters

Genea can help with identifying which of your current meters can be connected to what type of networking solution & provide options for networking meters. 

  • Numerous Integrations

    Integrate with most meters that communicate through BACnet, Modbus and many other networked meters.

  • Frequent Data Collection

    Read data at 15-minute intervals.

  • One Device

    Collect multiple data points from one metering device (kWh, kW, PF).   

  • ESG and Analytics

    Collect granular data for use in analytics and ESG applications.

  • Get Notified

    Set error and data loss notifications.

  • Secure Connectivity

    Connect to a Genea IoT device without ever risking the security of your building.

We Are Committed to Our Customers

Analyze Data Trends

The Genea dashboard empowers building engineers to view real time and historic energy data, helping you identify issues before they become big problems.

KPI Charts

Hourly Consumption Graphs

Greenhouse Gas Reports

Private Dashboards for Tenants

Identify Potential Problems

Automated Heating and Cooling

After-Hours HVAC Made Simple

Automated Heating and Cooling

After-Hours HVAC Made Simple

Fulfilling last-minute, after-hours HVAC requests from your tenants can be stressful. Automation helps building engineers automate these requests, keeping your customers satisfied.

Configure Floors

Genea configures the floors to satisfy minimum load requirements

Works with your existing BMS

Avoid adding a new system. Genea can leverage your existing BMS protocols.

Current Requests Dashboard

View all current requests from a user-friendly dashboard

Connect Your BMS

Genea makes connecting to the cloud easy and secure. Hear more about our process by speaking with a Submeter Billing or Overtime HVAC expert.
Building Access Control

Secure Your Buildings with Access Control

Building Access Control

Secure Your Buildings with Access Control

Building Engineers can seamlessly integrate all building access points – from parking garages, to elevators, gyms and more. Provide tenants with access control portals to add and remove users from the base building with Genea Security.

Tenant Portals

Give tenants a unique way of managing their security with Genea Tenant Portals. Grant or prohibit access to the building and suite. When user credentials are added or removed from the tenant’s suite, they can automatically be removed from having access to the entire building.

Save Time

Save time by empowering tenants to add and remove users.

Increase Security

Increase security by ensuring only the right people have access to your building.

Improve Tenant Experience

Improve the tenant experience by integrating Genea Security with tenant amenity apps.

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