Tenant Billing Software for Submeters

Tenant Billing Software for Submeters

Submeter Billing by Genea gives property teams the confidence and precision to record readings and provide tenant billing for all tenant submeters. Measure BTUs or water, electric or gas in seconds, eliminating metering guesswork once and for all.

Trusted By Hundreds of Industry Leaders

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Automate Tenant Billing for Submeters, Eliminate Metering Guesswork

Submeter Billing is the ultimate all-in-one solution for building teams. Metered monthly utility bills split among tenants creates room for error. Automating submeter processes eliminates guesswork, providing an exact billable amount, per utility, per tenant, helping tenants understand their usage.

The software is very easy to download and utilize and the overall experience is great! It is super easy to use and the readings are complete in a very short period of time.

Eric BlandEngineer, The RMR Group

The Submeter Billing application is very easy to use and saves a lot of time for the building engineers and the overall experience has been very good.

Juan CamachoFacilities Manager, The Dilweg Companies

Although I like the speed and accuracy of the software, I appreciate even more the responsiveness and helpfulness of the Genea team when they quickly correct minor issues that do occur.

Dave JarvisSenior Property Manager, Duke Realty

One Solution Fits All

Collect, store and analyze data from any type of meter. Genea’s Submeter Billing platform works with various meters.







Energy Dashboards

Energy Dashboards

Compile, analyze and share data from a clean, user-friendly dashboard. Learn about energy consumption habits and pinpoint the cause of unplanned usage spikes.

  • View and search by individual meter

  • Sort by building or site or among multiple buildings in a portfolio

  • Eliminate clipboards and manual spreadsheets

Energy Consumption Data

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Energy Consumption Data

Give tenants peace of mind by identifying and resolving usage spikes when they happen. Efficiently gather energy consumption data to show tenants ways of reducing utility consumption.

Help Building Teams

Identify Potential Problems

Help Building Teams

Identify Potential Problems

The dashboard empowers building teams to identify leaks and view excess runtimes to help avoid issues before they become problems. It also eliminates clipboards and manual spreadsheets, streamlining processes and allowing teams to focus on more urgent tasks.

Export to Excel or CSV

Export to Excel or CSV

Pull consumption data for each meter and share it with tenants in an Excel spreadsheet.

Read Spreadsheets vs. The Cloud

Let Us Help You

Let Us Help You

Genea’s modern, mobile-first approach to submeter billing is built to eliminate manual processes and take the guesswork out of your existing system. Want to see for yourself? Our team will analyze your current submeter billing spreadsheets and locate errors that are causing you to overbill or underbill your tenants. And we’ll do it all for free! Simply request a demo below.

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The Genea Difference

Genea’s automated, streamlined approach to submeter billing is a major reason why we’re proud to boast a 98% customer retention rate. But it’s not the only reason. Our customer support team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; committed to assisting you when you need us most. That’s the Genea Difference.

98% Customer Retention

24/7/365 Support

75 Net Promoter Score

See why the world’s largest corporate real estate companies trust Genea to automate their operations.

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