Permission Granted.

Custom Roles

Permission Granted.

Custom Roles

Custom Roles gives system admins the power to customize, assign and manage administrative privileges within their security system. Get granular by assigning role-based permissions.  

Custom Roles Made Easy

Role Templates

Clone existing templates to quickly create new roles.  

Rank in Hierarchy

Rate each role by level. The higher the rating, the more permissions given.

Global Admin

Grant only the most essential personnel the ability to edit permissions.

Permissions Menu

From a detailed menu, simply click to turn on and off permissions.

Principle of Least Privilege

The Principle of Least Privilege (POLP) states that a subject should only be given privileges needed to complete a task.  Make sure that only the people who need administrative privileges have them. Custom Roles gives IT and security personnel the ability to monitor administrative permissions on an employee-by-employee basis. With such detail, these teams can make sure their enterprise, commercial real estate portfolio, hospital or school stays safe. 

Delegate Security Tasks

Custom Roles helps save time when you delegate admin privileges among your team. Assign tasks from a sleek yet robust dashboard. These tasks include the management of: 





Visitor Logs


Custom Roles

Assign Different Levels of Access

custom roles for access control
Custom Roles

Assign Different Levels of Access

With Custom Roles, system administrators can assign different levels of interaction for each role.  Custom Roles comes with built-in role templates, including admin, security, front-desk, user manager and users. Some IT and security teams may already be familiar with these templates. However, in certain situations, you may need more customization than these stock templates allow; this is where Custom Roles comes in. These include:  

  • No Access

    Admins won’t see the task. 

  • Read Access

    User admins see all the tasks but can’t edit them.

  • Full Access

    Grants users complete control. Users can see and edit all tasks. 

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