Enterprise Access Control

Streamlined Solutions for the Modern Workplace

enterprise access control
Enterprise Access Control

Streamlined Solutions for the Modern Workplace

Genea’s suite of solutions from enterprise access control to Overtime HVAC management is built to revolutionize and modernize an enterprise work environment through innovation and integration. Slash admin times as you streamline operations, and provide tenants with cutting-edge service that will keep them around for the long term.

enterprise access control
Access Control

Upgrading Enterprise Access Control

Our completely cloud-based enterprise access control system is built for the security and convenience of tenants and administrators alike. Through simple integrations into the tools and hardware you already use, our system provides a mobile-first experience that cuts countless man hours and operating costs.

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What Genea Access Control
Can Do for You

Automate Provisioning

Genea’s cloud-based access control integrates into the communication and automation tools you already use, allowing for fast, automatic, customizable credentialing and role assignment. Unlimited credentials means your system can grow with your tenant base.

Convenient Mobile Access

Our innovative approach to access control works seamlessly with mobile devices, allowing tenants to use their phones as key cards to open doors. Ditch outdated access cards and fobs for good.

Works With Existing Hardware

Genea access control works with non-proprietary controllers and readers. This simple feature cuts down on expensive installation costs and frees you to switch software providers should you ever need to.


Overtime HVAC Requests

Genea’s streamlined approach to Overtime HVAC management takes the guesswork out of the request and billing process, putting the needs of tenants first. Automate your processes to rid yourself of billing disputes and cut out the wasted hours of manual request management. And, because our system works with the hardware you have, you save on costly installation and upgrades.

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overtime hvac dashboard

Overtime HVAC Management Made Easy

Cloud-Based, Mobile Requests

Unlike the slow-moving, manual request processes of old, Genea’s mobile-friendly overtime HVAC management system allows tenants to submit after-hours HVAC requests right from their phones in minutes, and allows you to fulfill them automatically.

Built for Savings

By automating your building’s Overtime HVAC requests, you remove inefficiencies that lead to wasted energy and lost revenue. Manual management can mean mistakes in billing – our software captures all potential revenue while also guaranteeing that equipment is only running when it needs to be.

Billing Made Easy

Genea’s software accounts for the language and terms of lease agreements and lets tenants approve charges upon submission of requests. Then, invoices are generated in an easy-to-understand, fully audited format. This transparency eliminates disputes and lawsuits over billing.

The Genea Difference

Genea’s unique, cloud-based solution to the problems faced in managing overtime HVAC requests is a major reason why we’re proud to boast a 99% customer retention rate. But it’s not the only reason. Our customer support team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; committed to assisting you when you need us most. That’s the Genea Difference.

99% Customer Retention

24/7/365 Support

75 Net Promoter Score

See why the world’s largest corporate real estate companies trust Genea to automate their operations.

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