If your guest experience ends at the exit, you’re missing out.  

First impressions matter—and none more so than the feeling organizations leave with their visitors. When it comes to visitor management, too often, IT and security professionals overlook the pre-arrival and post-departure stages. While forgetting these aspects can greatly impact hospitality, it also means losing out on business opportunities, perfect job candidates slipping through the cracks, and packages being delivered to the wrong people. Bottom line: The post-departure experience is often a missed opportunity; this is where Visitor Checkout comes in.  

What is Visitor Checkout? 

Visitor Checkout is part of the visitor management and access control experience. With this feature, system administrators can customize, automate and send questionnaires, post-visit.   

When a visitor leaves the facility, a Checkout questionnaire automatically gets sent to their mobile device. The visitor can answer these questions and provide helpful feedback about their visit.  The feature helps in various scenarios, including:   

  • Meeting attendees
  • Surveys after attending events 
  • Job candidate experience
  • Delivery people 
  • Contractors or vendors 
  • Auditors
  • Unexpected drop-ins 
  • Package Pick Up

Additionally, Visitor Checkout provides an added level of security, alerting admins that the visitor has left the premises.  

What are the Benefits of Visitor Checkout? 

Aside from security, Visitor Checkout benefits organizations in three ways: 

  • Attracting Visitors with modern tech 
  • Showing Interest in guests and their experience 
  • Collecting Data to improve the visitor experience 

Imagine you’re the owner of an up-and-coming retail business. You’re in the process of hiring employees for your team. But, what’s this? Another hot retail vendor has set up shop across the street from your building. Suddenly, you are competing for the same top-tiered talent.  

In this situation, the benefits of Genea Visitor Checkout are threefold.  

First, technology attracts. Prospective hires see you are technologically savvy and infer a modern company culture. Second, you show interest in the candidate with an automatic follow-up survey. Third, you can collect feedback from interviewees about what they did or didn’t like during their visit. Such feedback can better your operations in the future and immediately help your business.  

How to Create a Visitor Checkout Flow 

So how does Visitor Checkout work?  

Genea wants the administrator experience to be simple yet powerful. To meet these goals, Genea built Visitor Checkout within its Visitor Management dashboard. With just two clicks, administrators can insert custom questions. Four types of fields can be created, including: 

  • Text– Insert a custom question. For example, users could ask their visitors to respond with a company name or address. Visitors use a virtual keyboard when typing a response. 
  • Date– Guests use a virtual calendar to select a specific date, such as the date of visit or follow-up appointment.  
  • Single-selection– Visitors can select only one option from a list of answers. 
  • Multi-selection– Visitors can select multiple responses from a list of answers. 

When a visitor checks out using their mobile device or the organization’s, they will be prompted to answer the questionnaire.  

Why Choose Genea?  

Visitor Checkout is just one of the over 50 new features Genea released in 2021. What makes Genea unique —apart from our native and custom APIs, cloud-based tech, and non-proprietary solutions — is that it creates strength in simplicity. Genea uniquely integrates Access Control and Visitor Management to provide powerful security from a sleek, user-friendly dashboard. Backed by a 24/7/365 in-house support team, Genea is a proptery technology partner you can count on.  

See badge printing, global dashboard, and more unique Genea features. Or, book a demo to see the software in action.  

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