Security Integrators

Switching to the Cloud Just Got Easier

Security Integrators

Switching to the Cloud Just Got Easier

The access control industry is at a turning point. Users are shifting from bulky on-premises servers to cloud-based, access control-as-a-service models. With the industry poised to grow to over $20 billion by 2027, Security Integrators must adapt, ensuring they meet customer needs through both advanced technology and superior service. See how Genea Security can benefit you and your customers. 

Integrators & Their Customers Trust Us

Supporting Integrators and End Users from Start to Finish

Integrators are an extension of Genea. When you partner with us, we’ll make sure you have the tools and resources necessary to serve the unique needs of each customer.


Programmed Hardware

Genea programs the system for the integrator

Designated Help

A project coordinator is assigned to each installation

Around-the-clock Support

Genea provides live, 24/7/365 support to partners, administrators and end users. 

No Lengthy Agreements Required

Cut out the large software support agreements that come with on-prem systems.

Free Resource Library

Browse through an expansive online library of resources and help guides.

Easy Pricing Model

Whether your customers have 1 door or thousands, we make pricing easy.

Cloud Access Control Built on Non-proprietary Hardware

Cloud access control is here to stay. Learn why many IT and security professionals are choosing the cloud to meet their security needs.

  • Non-Proprietary Hardware

    Cloud systems are easier to install than on-premises systems. With Genea, customers also benefit from non-proprietary hardware, meaning they can switch software providers and keep their existing hardware.

  • Global Oversight

    See access events, hardware statuses and more across every location globally, from one dashboard.

  • Automated Credentialing

    Integrate notification and access control to add and remove users quickly. 

  • Custom Permissions

    Get specific by assigning unique permissions to users based on their job. 

  • Generate System Audits

    Give your customers the ability to receive custom reports on hardware status, access alerts and more.

Why Partner with Genea?

Recurring Revenue Without the Recurring Headache

Why Partner with Genea?

Recurring Revenue Without the Recurring Headache

There’s no such thing as free money. But with Genea Security, integrators have found a way to generate dependable, passive income. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) model helps integrators capture annual recurring revenue (ARR), freeing them to find new customers and drive new business. 

  • Help end users budget each year

  • Ensure profitability

  • Save time by operating more efficiently

  • Unlimited doors and readers

Why Partner with Genea?

Go Mobile or Use Physical Key Cards

Why Partner with Genea?

Go Mobile or Use Physical Key Cards

Give your customers the option of going mobile or using physical key cards.  

  • Bluetooth and NFC capabilities

  • Create a touchless access control and visitor management environment.

  • Choose from wearables like Apple Watch.

  • Integrate with Apple Wallet to streamline the access experience.

Update Without Going Offline

Keep your access control current with the latest features and technology. Plus, with Genea’s cloud-based deployment, you’ll never have to take your system offline for another update. 

Scalability with Integrations

Genea uses cloud-based technology to help enterprises and building teams scale their operations. Automate your customers’ security with out-of-the-box integrations included. 

The cloud makes adding and removing users effortless.

Dozens of out-of-the-box API integrations help unify and automate security.

There are no extra fees for out-of-the-box integrations.

See Why Security Integrators Trust Genea