A Global Enterprise

With over 145 locations operating on outdated, on-premises servers, this global enterprise decided to turn to Genea and upgrade to the cloud.

When faced with a fragmented on-premises access control system, the commercial real estate firm chose Genea to modernize its security. See how Sage achieved efficient security while creating unique and secure spaces for their tenants.

Hines, a global real estate firm, faced inaccurate submeter billing reading. With outdated meters and incorrect multipliers, the firm turned to Genea’s cloud-based submeter billing solution to gain system transparency, correct tenant billing and more. Discover more in the case study and learn how Hines achieved billing efficiency.

Vestavia Hills City Schools

With the rise of school gun violence across the United States, Vestavia Hill City Schools realized its access control system was a vulnerability. Learn the challenges the team faced and how Genea helped them implement a cloud-based, non-proprietary solution. 

15 locations, 2,400+ users and segmented access control systems. See how Sunrun unified its physical security system by turning to Genea. 

Learn how G&J Pepsi is using Genea to integrate with Cisco Meraki video management and Azure Identity Management to monitor their entire enterprise from one platform and distribute credentials from anywhere in the world.  

See how Apple, HID Global and Genea teamed up to give Jamf employees mobile key cards right inside their Apple Wallet.

Learn how OfferUp integrated Genea’s cloud-based access control system with Okta to automate the provisioning process when employees changed roles.

Creating a Modern Security Management Center Using Genea + Cisco Meraki VMS Integration

people.ai automated their Global Security Management from Kiev to San Francisco with Genea’s Integration to Okta.

CRE Buildings

Cost and energy savings in CRE buildings who went on-demand during a time of low occupancy were able to make quantifiable cost and energy savings at their buildings during periods of lower tenant occupancy due to stay-at-home orders with our Overtime HVAC and Access Control software.

HVAC Automation

This case study illustrates the story of a building that implemented Genea’s Overtime HVAC Service and gained a 45% increase in building revenue. It is an excellent representation of the different factors that drive value in an after-hours HVAC program.

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See why the world’s largest corporate real estate and enterprise companies trust Genea to automate their operations.

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