Overtime HVAC and Real Life Scenarios

Every building is different. That’s why we’ve built Genea’s Overtime HVAC Platform with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of fulfillment and billing scenarios.

The Ultimate Access Control Guide to Opening a New Office

While every situation is different, this guide covers everything you need to know about installing a cloud-based access control system in your new office.

Physical Access Control

Famililiarize yourself with the ins and outs of physical access control and how your facility can benefit from a mobile-first solution.

How Overtime HVAC Automation Led to a 355% Return on Investment

This case study illustrates the story of a building that implemented our Overtime HVAC Service and gained a 45% increase in building revenue. It is an excellent representation of the different factors that drive value in an after hours HVAC program.

The Four Most Common Submeter Billing Mistakes

Are these submeter billing mistakes in your spreadsheets? Here’s how to avoid costly errors, and keep a better audit trail for your invoicing.

Quantifying the Value of Your After Hours HVAC Program

How to automate tedious tasks like scheduling after hours HVAC and lighting. Learn to calculate added value and justify the costs of automation software.

Implementing Touchless Access Control into Your Building

Learn simple, cost effective ways to implement a touchless access control system into your buildings.

Passing Through the Cost of Overtime HVAC Software to Tenants

One of the biggest concerns for property teams assessing new technology is determining how to fit it in the budget. Learn how to pass through the costs.

Driving Value with Process Automation

Learn to identify the processes at your building that could benefit from automation and how to evaluate a solution to improve them.