Overtime HVAC and Real Life Scenarios

Every building is different. That’s why we’ve built Genea’s Overtime HVAC Platform with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of fulfillment and billing scenarios.

Genea and Building Management Systems

Genea can work with a wide variety of systems and setups and can be as granular and specific as your BMS is.

How Overtime HVAC Automation Led to a 355% Return on Investment

This case study illustrates the story of a building that implemented our Overtime HVAC Service and gained a 45% increase in building revenue. It is an excellent representation of the different factors that drive value in an after hours HVAC program.

Genea and Different Mechanical Systems

All your questions regarding your buildings mechanical set up answered.

Quantifying the Value of Your After Hours HVAC Program

How to automate tedious tasks like scheduling after hours HVAC and lighting. Learn to calculate added value and justify the costs of automation software.

Passing Through the Cost of Overtime HVAC Software to Tenants

One of the biggest concerns for property teams assessing new technology is determining how to fit it in the budget. Learn how to pass through the costs.