Wireless Locks

Cut the Cable. Go Wireless.

Wireless Locks

Cut the Cable. Go Wireless.

Genea Security integrates seamlessly with wireless locks to help hospitals, enterprises, schools and more. Create the ultimate security solution without running a single cable. Whether arming one door or an entire area, a wireless access control system makes the job easier.

Simplify Your Hardware

No More Complex Wiring

In some situations, cabling isn’t practical. Wireless locks eliminate the need for complex wiring scenarios.

An All-in-One Solution

Why deal with unnecessary external hardware? Eliminate separate readers and controllers – both the credential reader and controller come as one.

Easily Compatible

Security System Integration

Easily Compatible

Security System Integration

Seamlessly integrate wireless locks into your existing security infrastructure. Genea and its partners will make sure your locks integrate with access control, video identity management, visitor management and other integrations.  

Increased Protection

Protect Interior and Exterior Doors

Increased Protection

Protect Interior and Exterior Doors

Make sure you protect your facility on the inside and out. Wireless access control makes the installation process more time efficient. Organizations with many internal doors may want to consider wireless locks to ease the burden of running wire across their facilities.

  • Education institutions

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Businesses operating across multiple floors

  • Financial Institutions

  • Airports

All-in-One ControllerHow do Wireless Locks Work?

Wireless locks transmit credential information between the controller and the cloud server using various methods. Credentials are synced between the database and the controller within the lock.  

The Advantages

Wireless access control security offers many advantages, including top-tier security, customizable options, easy upgradability and mobile access.

Genea Security +
Wireless Locks

Discover how wireless locks can integrate with Genea Security to provide flexible yet secure solutions.

Wireless Locks Integrations

  • Assa Abloy + Genea integration

    Get the list of locks from DSR to Genea and add locks to specific Genea locations. Sync access groups, credential data, door schedules, and monitor lock hardware status and access events from the Genea dashboard.

  • Compatible locks include:

    Sargent locks

    •  ASSA ABLOY IN120
    • ASSA ABLOY IN220


    Aperio locks

    •  AH40 Gen 3,4, and 5
    • AH30 Gen 3 and 4


  • Allegion Schlage + Genea integration

    Eliminate the hassle of complex wiring and costly installations. With the Genea + Allegion’s Schlage locks, you can now connect your door wirelessly to your access control system.

  • Compatible locks include:

    • AD-300 locks via RS-485
    • AD-400 locks via PIM400-485 (RS-485)
    • NDE/NDEB/LE/LEB series locks with ENGAGE gateway (RS-485)

Are Wireless Locks Right for Me?

Whether you’re in need of locking one or hundreds of doors, wireless locks may be the right solution. If you want to do any of the following, consider selecting a wireless lock for your access control system: 

Eliminating cabling

Performing easy hardware upgrades

Reducing hardware

Securing doors in older buildings

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