Access Control Systems For Schools

Meet Your New Hall Monitor – Secure Your School Campus

Access Control Systems For Schools

Meet Your New Hall Monitor – Secure Your School Campus

Thousands of people filter through campuses every day. At any moment, school security can be compromised by malicious activity. Educational institutions, once seen as safe havens, have become the targets of unwanted visitors, thieves, and active shooters. Whether operating a daycare, K-12 school, college, or university make sure you’ve got the security to get the job done.

Total Campus Protection

Emergency Lockdowns

Create a plan before an active shooter situation occurs.

Automated Door Plans

Customize which doors lock or remain open.

Integrated Video Security

Video API integrations connects your access control and video security.

Unified Security Systems

Use your favorite software within Genea’s Global Dashboard. 

Visitor Badge Design and Printing

Brand guest badges with QR Codes, company logos, and more. 

Health and Wellness Questionnaires

Protect the wellbeing of the workplace with a Genea’s Safe Workplace. 

Tips for School Access Control

Installing a new access control system can feel overwhelming. Make sure you have a plan. Genea industry experts are here to help.

  • Protect Against Theft

    Safeguard high risk areas like music rooms, computer labs, supply rooms, and gym storage from theft.

  • Prevent Trespassing

    Prevent trespassing with an access control system that guards athletic fields, playgrounds, and parking lots.

  • Checkpoints

    Checkpoints help monitor who enters and exits the building.

  • Establish Protocol

    Establish protocol for fire, tornado, earthquake and lockdown emergencies. Help students, faculty, and administrators, exit safely with preprogrammed door plans.

Make your key card the last one you’ll ever replace

Go Mobile

Make your key card the last one you’ll ever replace

Go Mobile

97% of Americans own a cellphone. Use this to your advantage. Mobile credentials speed up the process of adding and removing users, freeing your team for more important tasks. Automate the credentialing with custom-defined user groups, anti-passback protocols, and more.

  • Add and Remove

    At a moment’s notice, administrators can add or remove credentials using Genea Global Dashboard.

  • Automate Credentialing by Role

    Role-based access control (RBAC) allows administrators to assign privileges by group, then make adjustments for each individual.

  • Change Privileges Remotely

    With cloud-access control, administrators have the power to instantly change access privileges, whether on campus or on the go.

  • Switch to Mobile

    Students have a new reason to love their smartphones. Do away with lost key cards by switching from physical to mobile credentialing.

  • Deactivate

    Don’t let credentials fall into the wrong hands. Deactivate lost, stolen, or inactive credentials from anywhere, instantly.

Know Who’s On Campus

Campus Visitor Check-in

Know Who’s On Campus

Campus Visitor Check-in

In 2019, almost 35,000 criminal offenses were reported on college campuses alone. Nurture the development of our future leaders by creating a safe and secure learning environment.

  • Automate the Check-in Process

    with Genea Visitor Management and simplify the visiting process.

  • Design

    custom badges by various visitor type (e.g., parents, visiting students, prospective teachers).

  • Print

    badges and identification with school branding, visitor ID photos, and more.

  • Distribute

    mobile or physical credentials to campus guests and organize visitor activity.

Safety and Wellness for COVID-19 and Beyond

Safety and Wellness for COVID-19 and Beyond

Health questionnaires allow you to create unique questions for students and faculty.

Contact Tracing allows administrators to alert those at risk before they spread the disease.

Capacity Limits curb the number of students who can get into common areas, such as the gyms, libraries, and study rooms.


Learn About Safe Workplace

Total Campus Oversight
with Robust API Integrations

Total Campus Oversight
with Robust API Integrations

Use the visitor, and video notification platforms you know and trust.

Having Genea means you can build and customize a security system to your liking. Don’t see the integration you need? We can build it. Genea works with customers to create the integrations they need and want.

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With 24/7/365 dedicated customer support and a library of help resources, Genea is here to ensure your success.

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