Coworking Space Security

Coworking Never Felt
So Secure

Coworking Space Security

Coworking Never Felt
So Secure

Innovative industries require state-of-the-art solutions. As tenant demand transforms the commercial real estate industry, the way space is used also changes. See how cloud-based coworking space security is helping teams around the world.

Know Who is Accessing Your Coworking Spaces

There are over 1 billion freelancers worldwide. Keep your members safe and secure with a cloud-based access control and visitor management system.

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Flexibility for the Future of Work

Customizable credentials can automatically expire each day or at the end of an agreement term.

  • 24/7 Secure Member Access

    Provide secure 24/7 access so members can work when it suits them best. 

  • Company Badge Branding

    Offer member badges with their branding. Customize badges with specific colors, graphics, fonts and more. 

  • Customize Access Privileges

    Grant members special privilege to conference rooms, dining areas, gyms and more. Customize each user’s access based on need.  

  • Set Limited Access Times

    Limit hours for members with business hours only access. 

Global Location Oversight

global access

Global Location Oversight

Cloud-based access control ensures staff and members stay protected with the latest technology and features. From one device, administrators can access all co-working locations globally. Best of all, when Genea deploys new features, co-working teams can use them instantly. 

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Attract New Members With Mobile

Attract New Members With Mobile

Space owners, operators and managers can provide modern amenities including mobile access technology that keep co-working spaces attractive to new businesses. 

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Apple Wallet

Access instantly. All on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple Wallet

Access instantly. All on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Give co-working members a quick and convenient mobile experience with employee badges in Apple Wallet. Access conference rooms, offices and building amenities with only your iPhone or Apple Watch 

  • Remotely add or remove credentials.

  • Sync keys to Apple Watch.

  • NFC technology enables instant reader response.

  • Leverage “Express Mode” for seamless entry.

  • Easily suspend lost credentials.

  • Operate on “Power Reserve Mode” to unlock doors even after a user’s iPhone needs a charge.

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Add and Remove Members with Ease

Don’t sacrifice coworking space security to turnover, poor visitor management, and lost credentials.

Mobile and Physical Options

Make distributing keys, key cards or fobs an afterthought. Go mobile with the Genea app for Android and iOS. Grant access to new members through the Genea app or portal.

Remove Credentials Easily

We get it. When members leave, your main concern shouldn’t be your security. Integrate with identity management software to remove user access across all locations with a single click.

Stop Worrying About Lost or Misplaced Keys

Automatically deactivate dormant credentials. System administrators can set “use-it-or-lose-it” limits. After the period expires, so does the credential.

Role-Based Visitor Management

Assign temporary access to professional cleaning, delivery companies, vendors and more.

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Visitor Management for Coworking Space Security

Integrates with Genea Security, so members and managers know exactly who is in the space.

Check-in Procedures

Help your members prepare for their important meetings. Issue visitors’ barcodes, QR codes, health questionnaires and any documents to guests before they arrive.

Custom Checkout Flows

After a visitor leaves, members can send automated custom questionnaires. These provide valuable feedback about the visitor experience.

Health and Wellness Monitoring

Keep the office safe and guests healthy by sending health questionnaires prior to arrival.

We’re Here for You

With 24/7/365 dedicated customer support and a library of help resources, Genea is here to ensure your success.

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