OneLogin Integration: Extending Physical Access Control into Your Identity Management Platform.

Our SCIM integration with OneLogin allows admins to add and remove users within OneLogin itself, without having to sign into Genea. With the integration, newly boarded users also get an email notifying them to download their mobile key to the office.

The SCIM push-based system treats the OneLogin directory as your source of truth. When changes are made in OneLogin, they are immediately pushed to Genea. This means you may never have to worry about the Genea employee directory being out of sync with OneLogin.

With Genea, you can set up SAML-based Single Sign-On using OneLogin as your Identity Provider. We support both IdP Initiated SSO, as well as SP Initiated SSO

To get started with this integration and other ways we are automating access control, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.