The top three physical security threats enterprises face are building and property vandalism, an insider abusing physical access points and coworker violence. Luckily, property access management can help.

Strengthening physical access control is a way to reduce physical threats. Property managers must monitor user access activities, the adding and removing of credentials, equipment status’ and more. However, it will be challenging to keep track of all these things without an access control checklist. An access control checklist enables property managers to keep everything organized and deters physical security threats.

Your Top Priority: Property Access Management

  • Access Control: Access control is a practice of restricting unauthorized users from entering a building or room. It protects the space and its occupants against threats such as intrusion, vandalism and theft. Genea Security is cloud-based and enables property managers to manage keyholders. Property managers can also monitor all access activity and assign mobile keys from any device, anywhere, at any time. 
  • Visitor Management Systems (VMS): Visitor management systems help property teams streamline the flow of guests. These systems enhance the guest experience while keeping everyone safe within the building. Genea offers a touchless visitor management system with visitor check-in forms and temporary mobile keys.
  • Video Surveillance: Video surveillance systems enable you to continuously monitor access points and building perimeters through surveillance cameras. Genea Security can be integrated with various video management tools such as Tyco Cloud, Milestone Systems, Rhombus Systems and Cisco Meraki to control video cameras from a centralized dashboard.

How Genea Security Helps

Remote Management of Multiple Properties

Genea Security enables property owners to monitor access activities of multiple properties around the world from a remote location. Surveillance becomes easier for property managers as Genea provides a detailed view of everything that is happening at the building access points in real-time and sends notifications of forced door attempts.

Easy Integration with Existing Technology

Genea Security facilitates dozens of integrations, including video surveillance, visitor management, elevator controls and parking management systems. For instance, the Access Control + OTIS Compass integration will reduce wait times at elevators and provide a touchless elevator experience for users.

Faster Administrative Tasks with the Cloud

Physical access control involves a range of administrative tasks, including user account management and access permissions management. Without the help of cloud-based access control software, these tasks consume a lot of time for property managers. Genea Security automates all these administrative processes and slashes work times significantly. Genea’s integrations with identity management software such as Okta, OneLogin, and Azure Active Directory automate the process of adding and removing employee access across all your locations to enhance the efficiency of the physical security.

Use of Non-proprietary Hardware

Want to switch to the cloud without changing your existing hardware? Genea Security  runs on non-proprietary hardware. Genea is built to work on all major access control hardware brands, including Mercury Security, STid and WaveLynx.

Creates Audit Trails

When a security breach occurs, property managers can use audit trails to understand what went wrong. Without recording the access logs, door-opened and closed time, and forced door open attempts, it may not be possible for property managers to create audit trails.

Attract and Retain Tenants

Commercial property management companies struggle to attract and retain tenants if they don’t focus on safety and convenience.

  • Safety: Tenants of commercial real estate firms expect to operate in a safe environment that eliminates the possibility of threats such as tailgating and vandalism. They want the property association management firms to follow security design regulations that help them quickly move out of the building during emergencies such as fire breakouts, natural disasters, or active shooter situations.
  • Convenience: Prospective tenants seek convenience in all aspects, including rent payments, tracking the status of maintenance requests, and accessing amenities. They expect homeowner associations (HOA) to deploy an online portal or an app that showcases information about management agreements, eviction guidelines, new homes, number of rental units, vacancies, rent collection, rental home maintenance, and more.

Though enterprises don’t need to worry about attracting and retaining tenants, they should focus on enhancing the safety and convenience of employees, contractors, and visitors.

Genea Cloud-based Access Control helps commercial real estate community associations attract and retain tenants by facilitating safety and convenience for tenants. It enables them to closely monitor access activities in real-time and take quick action to protect tenants when an emergency arises. It also facilitates touchless access to all amenities through mobile credentialing.

Cutting-edge for the Future

Access control technologies have been evolving over the past few years. Unless the access control software accommodates the upcoming changes in technology, enterprises may be forced to change their access control vendors frequently.

Genea Security is the future-proof solution for the following reasons:

  • Endless API integrations
  • Automated upgrades and deployments in a timely manner
  • 24/7/365 days customer support
  • Accommodates all kinds of access credentials

Access From Your Mobile Device

Genea Mobile Access Control allows employees to use their BLE or NFC-enabled mobile phones to conveniently access various rooms, resources, and networks at the workplace. It enables your property managers to distribute mobile access credentials to employees with just a few clicks. Going mobile not only protects your facilities but also increases convenience for users.

Property Management is Simplified with Genea

Property management becomes easier with Genea Security. The features such as user-friendly interface, ability to run on non-proprietary hardware, endless integrations with the existing tech stack, mobile access control, 24/7/365 days customer support and touchless visitor management have made Genea the preferred access control for enterprises and full-service property management firms.

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