Retail Security

Protect your retail business from start-up to enterprise.

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Retail Security

Protect your retail business from start-up to enterprise.

Now more than ever, the retail sector is undergoing rapid change. Retailers must position themselves ahead of the competition in an already oversaturated market. At a moment’s notice, you need the freedom to maneuver, shifting your business to cut costs, save time, and invest in new strategies. You need retail access control security from Genea.

Stop Theft Before It Happens

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Stop Theft Before It Happens

With shrinking margins and increased competition, survival in the retail industry has become a challenge. Genea Security protects companies by safeguarding their bottom line and giving them an edge over the competition.

According to a recent National Security Survey, theft reached an all-time high of $61.7 billion. Over 184,000 shoplifters were apprehended among 22 large retailers surveyed.

Customers Can Trust Genea

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Grow Your Business,
Not Your Hardware

Do you currently have an on-premises system? No problem.

Genea’s security software runs on non-proprietary, Mercury-based hardware for the most flexible solution.

Benefits of Genea Retail Security

Scalable Security

As your retail business scales, make sure your security does too.

Manage Access Remotely

Manage credentials, assign mobile keys and monitor all access activity globally.

Save Physical Space

Store your data in the cloud and say “goodbye” to on-prem servers.

Cut Costs

Automate workflows, avoid pricey on-premise servers, expensive upgrades, and eliminate maintenance.

Tech Integrations

Streamline workflows using the tech stack you use everyday.

Non-Proprietary Hardware

Gives you the freedom to change access control software providers without buying new hardware.

Apple Wallet

Go Mobile with Employee Badges in Apple Wallet

Keep your business secure with employee badges in Apple Wallet. Remotely provision users mobile badges right to their iPhone or Apple Watch. With Express Mode, you don’t need to wake or unlock your device to use your badge. iPhone in need of a charge? No problem – “Power Reserve Mode” allows users to unlock doors for up to 5 hours. 

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Technology that Protects

  • Global Dashboard

    Global Dashboard gives admins detailed oversight, globally from a single pane of glass.

  • Add and Remove Users Remotely

    Assign employees digital or physical keys from anywhere.

  • Flexible Credentials

    Choose from mobile, key fobs, key cards, and more.

  • One Key Card or Mobile Device

    Set up user roles to control who can unlock doors at one location or your entire retail enterprise.

  • Customize Badges

    Design and print custom branded badges with QR codes, custom logos, and more. Set permissions by role (e.g., warehouse vs. retail location).

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Retail Access Control

Ultimate Flexibility with
Non-proprietary Hardware

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Retail Access Control

Ultimate Flexibility with
Non-proprietary Hardware

Non-proprietary hardware lets retailers adjust to changes without permanently locking them into one software provider.

  • Robust integrations

    Help keep your merchandise safe with a variety of lock options.

Retail Security for the Future

Genea Security provides custom API Integrations, including video and visitor management, allowing retailers to stop crime before it starts.

See All Integrations
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Monitor Retail Security

Video Management

Video management integrations keep admins notified of store theft, vandalism, or other malicious activity.

Global Dashboard

Global Dashboard provides an overview of all activity across every location, enterprise-wide.

Lockdown Plans

Lockdown plans help retailers automatically lock and unlock doors at the press of a button.

Employee and Customer Safety

Robust Visitor Management

Employee and Customer Safety

Robust Visitor Management

  • Impress Your Guests

    Send your vendors, manufacturers and other visitors a QR code virtual key that can be integrated with garages, elevators, turnstiles or any other access points you require.

  • Streamlined Experience

    Tailor your guest experience by the type of individual visiting your corporate office, retail locations or warehouse.

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We’re Here for You

Don’t jeopardize your hard work by leaving your retail business exposed to unwanted activity. When it comes to safety and security, make sure you choose a team that has your back 24/7/365.

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24/7/365 Support

75 Net Promoter Score

Satisfied Users

See why the world’s largest retail companies entrust Genea with their access control security.

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