Integration delivers unrivaled flexibility, choice and control for assessing and responding to threats.  The TopoONE platform assimilates intelligence and asset information from any source for situational awareness and prioritized, coordinated responses. 
Topo customers respond faster to critical events by leveraging the platform’s ease of use, high degree of self-configuration and AI-driven automation.  From a simple menu, security teams can aggregate and review subscription and open-source data within an AI-filtered map. Additionally, teams may geofence assets and alerts to include only relevant notifications.  They also configure crisis management and incident investigation workflows aligned to their policies and SOPs. 

With the Genea + integration, enterprise IT and security administrators can more accurately assess and respond to security threats. It combines tools such as weather alerts and live radar tracking with other assets relevant to the enterprise, including offices, data centers and access alerts.  

When integrated with Genea Security, door alerts will populate within the TopoOne dashboard. Forced doors or held doors will generate an alert in TopoOne. Security teams can then quickly review and address the event.