Custom Dashboard

One Dashboard,
Total Control

Custom Dashboard

One Dashboard,
Total Control

Introducing the world’s most customizable dashboard in physical security. Manage your entire security system—from surveillance cameras to mobile key card provisioning—all within a single, 100% customizable dashboard.

Security Designed by You

You know your security. So why let a 3rd party dictate it? With Genea, you build the dashboard experience you want for the security you need. No questions asked.

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How it Works

Build your personalized dashboard in seconds. With Custom Dashboard, simply:


Select the security feature you want.


Drag it from the pop-out menu in Genea Security.


Drop it in your dashboard.

Optimize Your Security with Widgets

Choose the most important doors, surveillance cameras, floor plans and more. Then add and manage them from your cloud-based security dashboard.

Access Logs

Security Video Feeds

User Management

Door Events


Interactive Floor Plans

Emergency Plans

Hardware Health

Benefits of Custom Dashboards

A Shortcut to Mobile Key Card Provisioning

Genea uses advanced cloud-based technology for fast user provisioning. Whether deploying key cards, NFC or Bluetooth mobile credentials or employee badge in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, you can accomplish this quickly and easily from your Custom Dashboard.

Integrated Security Cameras

With dozens of API integrations at your disposal, Genea Security makes it easy to integrate and manage your most important systems from a single pane of glass.

Drag and drop live camera feeds to quickly and easily view surveillance video across your enterprise, school, hospital or commercial building portfolio.

Rapid Emergency Response

Rapid Emergency Response

In emergency situations, every second counts. Don’t waste precious time toggling between security software. With Custom Dashboard, you can stay on top of every access event and build advanced lockdown security plans 

Single Pane of Glass Platform

Genea Security connects your entire hardware and software infrastructure. Integrate video management, chat systems, identity management and more in a single pane of glass.

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Non-proprietary Hardware for Future Flexibility

Non-proprietary Hardware for Future Flexibility

Hardware is one of the largest expenses of any security system. Choose hardware that will last. Built on HID’s non-proprietary Mercury controllers, Genea gives you the option to change your software without ever ripping and replacing your hardware.

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Cloud-based Security to Scale

Cloud-based Security to Scale

From enterprises to school districts, Genea Security is helping organizations optimize their physical security and prepare for the future. See how you can:

  • Scale effectively at minimal cost

  • Manage facilities whether working onsite or remotely

  • Save time provisioning key cards

  • Stay up to date with the latest security updates and features

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Genea’s team of experts is here to help you through every step of the way. Not only through 24/7/365 dedicated customer support, but through our exhaustive resources.

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