Safe Workplace

Safeguard the Workplace During and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

safe workplace
Safe Workplace

Safeguard the Workplace During and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

Safe Workplace is a safety feature built on top of Genea’s access  control platform that extends into capacity planning, contact tracing, temperature checks, compliance and alerting, all while streamlining the employee check-in experience. It delivers powerful features that completely automates the process of returning employees back to the workplace in a safe and responsible way.

How Does it Work?


Reserve Your Spot

Request access & check in from our mobile or web app.


Health Questionnaire

Create custom COVID-19 health check questions to gather the exact information you need from every employee.


Approved or Denied

Once employees complete the check-in questionnaire, they receive access to specified entry points.

Standout Features

Employee Check-In Check-Out

Employees can check-in and out each day with a seamless and intuitive app experience.

Capacity Settings and Alerts

Control and enforce capacity limits for any space. Ensure only symptomless, approved individuals are granted access.


Gives administrators and executives insights on occupancy thresholds and alerts to help you monitor activity levels inside your workplace.

Contact Tracing

Facilitate contact tracing with access to all employee and visitor activity logs in the event of a positive COVID case to launch targeted contact tracing.

Customizable Workflows

Check-in questionnaires and corresponding logic-driven access decisions are completely customizable.

Data Compliance

GDPR and SOC2 compliance with data collection customization.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

You decide what information to collect from your employees. As an admin, you can also track all activity, generate reports of exactly who was granted or denied access, who checked in, who was located in a workspace at any given time, and when individuals left. The result of these insights is critical for contact tracing in the event of a positive COVID-19 case; administrators can easily determine potential exposure and launch targeted contact tracing efforts immediately.

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Genea’s Safe Workplace feature ensures that employees comply with capacity and health requirements before they can enter the office.

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