Scheduling Made Simple


Scheduling Made Simple

Genea’s Overtime HVAC lets tenants and building teams experience the ultimate flexibility in after-hours HVAC scheduling.

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Enhance the Tenant Experience with HVAC Scheduling

Say “sayonara” to inboxes cluttered with Overtime HVAC requests. Genea Overtime HVAC empowers tenants to schedule after-hours services from a user-friendly web portal or mobile app.

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    Fully Customizable Requests

    Users schedule service by selecting the service type, start date, start time, and duration.

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    Billing Transparency

    Tenants see the estimated cost before submitting a request.

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    Easy-to-Use Dashboards

    Whether a single-use or recurring request, Overtime HVAC has you covered. From a comprehensive dashboard, automate recurring requests by setting up start and stop dates.

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    No Lag Time

    Send out requests in less than 30 seconds.

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Slow Target Setpoint?

Not to worry. Configure Overtime HVAC for an early start. Engineers can set up service themselves or Genea can do it for you.

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Satisfy Multi-Floor, Minimum
Load Requirements

Genea’s technical services team works with you. Through careful collaboration with property engineers, we configure floors to satisfy minimum load requirements.

Respond to Tenants Quickly

Email Confirmations

When tenants submit or cancel an Overtime HVAC request, teams receive instant email confirmation.

Automated Pending Requests

View future HVAC requests and automate email responses to tenants.

Current Requests Dashboard

View all current requests and operating areas from an ergonomic dashboard.

Works with Your Existing BMS System

Leverage existing BMS protocols without reprogramming your system.

It’s a very easy to use platform and the customer service is great. We’ve been using Genea in our building for a few years now and the tenants seem to like having the convenience.

Office Administrator at Hines

With Genea’s Submeter Billing you can easily manage users time and billing. It’s very organized and you can customize as needed.

Lara Jones, Property Manager

This is a cutting-edge after-hours HVAC platform that is easy to use and administer from both an end-user and admin level. The tenants love it and customer support is unparalleled, again from both ends. The mobile app is great, and all-in-all it’s a very effective product that is well received.

Cary Johnson, Chief Engineer

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How It Works

Genea Overtime HVAC seamlessly connects without overriding your BMS.

A Tenant Requests Overtime HVAC

Overtime HVAC automatically overrides the occupancy point. It’s as simple as turning a 0 to 1.

BMS Takeover

The occupancy point takes priority over the BMS’ schedule. Once the tenant no longer needs HVAC service, Genea Overtime HVAC releases the occupancy point, and the BMS schedule begins again.

Occupancy Point Mapping

Occupancy points are often already programmed in the BMS, so we map those points to our database for each tenant area.

Many of the Largest Commercial
Real Estate Companies Use Genea

See why the world’s largest corporate real estate companies trust Genea to automate their operations.

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