Commercial Real Estate

The Future of Commercial Access Control Systems

commercial access control systems
Commercial Real Estate

The Future of Commercial Access Control Systems

Genea’s family of cloud-based commercial real estate software is designed to improve operations through cutting-edge technology. Modernize commercial security systems, automate Overtime HVAC requests, and streamline submeter billing, all without replacing your existing hardware. Our host of cloud-based, automated product solutions are built to cut costs, reduce admin times, and maximize the tenant experience.

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Who We Help

Genea is here to help every member of your commercial real estate team, including property owners, managers and building engineers. See what Genea can do for your team today, with our cloud-based commercial real estate software.

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What We
Help You Do

Manage Multiple Properties

Genea’s cloud-based commercial real estate software allows for intuitive, remote management of multiple buildings from one dashboard.

Slash Admin Times

Automating processes cuts the man hours and physical record keeping that slows down existing property management.

Eliminate Billing Disputes

Fully transparent billing and audit trails keeps tenants informed which works to eliminate disputes and lawsuits.

No Expensive Installation

We work with most existing hardware which keeps installation costs low.

Attract and Retain Tenants

Cloud-based access control, easy management, 24/7 support and mobile-first convenience make Genea’s system a major selling point for new and existing tenants.

Monitor Energy Usage

By intelligently tracking energy usage, you’re able to make strides towards conservation and sustainability while cutting costs.


Building Better Commercial Access Control Systems

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Building Better Commercial Access Control Systems

With Genea, instituting a modern security system has never been easier. Our cloud-based software works with most existing hardware, which slashes installation costs while providing your tenants with the convenience and security they need from a next-gen access control platform. Cut out the manual work of provisioning and identity management for a streamlined and automated access control experience.

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Overtime HVAC for Modern Real Estate


Overtime HVAC for Modern Real Estate

Handling after-hours HVAC requests is a major time drain for commercial real estate teams. Our fully automated software lets tenants set their requests right from their smartphones, instantly entering them into your existing BMS. No more wasted man hours sorting work order forms; just simple, intuitive management and billing, all done automatically.

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Submeter billing

Submeter Billing, Easy and Automated

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Submeter billing

Submeter Billing, Easy and Automated

Submeter billing is an arduous and inefficient process that plagues countless property management teams. Genea’s fully automated software uses your existing hardware and helps you collect readings right from our app. Then we provide billing disbursement for your tenants in an easy-to-understand format. Ditch the clipboards and spreadsheets and stay organized. Our accurate audit trails remove any doubt and dispute over billing.

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Apple Wallet

Deploying Access Control Badges on iPhone has Never Been Easier.

Go from the parking garage to the elevator to the office suite with your Genea badge in Apple Wallet.  With Express Mode, users don’t need to wake or unlock their device to use their badge. Simply tap and access is instantly granted. iPhone in need of a charge? No problem – “Power Reserve Mode” allows users to unlock doors for up to 5 hours. 

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We’ve Got You Covered

Genea’s team of experts is here to help you through every aspect of property management. Not only through 24/7/365 dedicated customer support, but through our exhaustive information resources. Explore our catalog.

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See why the world’s largest corporate real estate companies trust Genea to automate their operations.

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