Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management + Access Control Software Together At Last

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management + Access Control Software Together At Last

Genea Security paired with our native visitor management is designed for simplifying how you manage visitors. Our comprehensive visitor management software– complete with guest pre-registration, QR and barcode support and custom health questionnaire– ensures that guests can quickly register themselves before they come on-site and safely visit anyone in the building.

How Does it Work?


Visitor Pre-Registration

Simply add guests from our mobile or web applications.


Custom Questionnaire

Guest receives an invitation to check-in via mobile or web browser. You can create custom COVID-19 Health Check questions to gather the exact information you need from every guest.


QR Code Issued

Once guest completes the check-in form, they will receive a QR code virtual key that can be integrated to elevators, turnstiles or any other access points you require.

Administrative Dashboard

Administrative Dashboard

Decide what information you want to collect from visitors. The Visitor Management dashboard makes it super easy to get everything up and running in a few minutes. Delegate access to the dashboard to as many other admins as needed on your team.

Visitor Logs: System administrators can track all visitor activity. For the first time ever, you will have access control and visitor management all in the same, easy-to-use interface to better regulate and monitor movement in and out of the workplace.

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Robust Admin Features

Genea’s Touchless Visitor Management platform is optimized for the modern workplace and integrates right into the access control platform. Explore some of the exciting features.

Unlimited Visitors and Devices

Genea welcomes all visitors and starts tracking all guest entries digitally. Ability to manage custom access groups, multi-day visits, audit visitors and add people to watch list.

Reporting and Analytics

View and filter your visitor logs and get insights to better manage your building or office with the ability to export your data in CSV format.

Multiple Locations

Easily manage all of your buildings or offices in one place.

Collect Visitors’ Information

Capture name, company name, email, photo, purpose of visit and more. Plus, keep track of all your signed agreements in one place.

Employee Directory

Sync employee directory and contact information from your Identity Management System.

Centralized Management

Keep track of all visitors’ information in the Genea dashboard.

Unique Guest Experience with Visitor Groups

Automate visitor management by classifying guests into different visitor groups. Administrators have the power to tailor the guest experience by the type of individual visiting their office, suite, or building.

  • Classify Guests

    Admins can create unique visitor groups, including VIP, delivery, client, and more.

  • Custom Guest Experience

    Manage how certain visitors move through the check-in experience from pre-arrival to suite.

  • Define the Documents

    Customize the documents required for each group, such as ID photos, NDAs and health questionnaires.

  • Designated Access

    Grant access to specific areas depending on check-in group

Genea’s Visitor Management Sotfware is engineered for enterprises & building teams & designed for people who use it

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Mobile Access

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Cloud-Based Access Control Security

The Genea Difference

Dedication to service is the reason we can proudly say we have a 98% customer retention rate. By offering unparalleled customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we demonstrate our commitment to you when you need us most. That’s the Genea Difference.

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