Slack is a team communication app that was designed to make your life simpler. Integrating Slack with your Genea system will benefit your team for several reasons:

  • Audit Log Notifications: Genea can notify you via Slack when changes are made to your Genea Security system, including when users are created or deactivated, keys are issued or revoked, or changes are made to schedules or door groups etc…
  • Access Control Notifications: Genea can notify you via Slack when important events occur on your property such as Card Access Denied, Controller Offline/Online, AC Power Failure, Battery Backup Failure, Door Being Held Open, Door Forced etc…
  • Visitor Log Notifications: Genea can notify you via Slack when visitors check in at your property
  • Slack Commands: You can temporarily unlock doors for visitors by using simple commands in Slack

Additionally, one of the key challenges for modern companies and the IT teams that keep the wheels turning is the necessity to monitor all systems in a scalable way. Often the volume of VoIP phones, the SaaS apps, and meeting room systems overwhelm the ability to manage physical security, leading to critical security gaps.

Former employees don’t have access removed for weeks or months, tailgating becomes rampant, doors get propped open and inevitably the lack of enforcement breaks the physical security measures put in place. It’s time to restore order!

Thankfully, one of the best solutions to this pervasive problem is right at our fingertips – Slack! Slack has become so ubiquitous in the modern organization that we can leverage it for a lot more than just chatting and collaborating. A key peripheral benefit of Slack is its ability to be an incident management tool.

Here’s how leveraging Slack as your monitoring center can keep your physical security operation running smoothly.


  1. Reduce the amount of time your team spends monitoring video feeds and sifting through access logs.
  2. Get notified instantly when security events occur so you can take action immediately, rather than pour through logs to find out what happened after the fact.
  3. Show auditors that your lean team has everything under control and reduce those precious billable hours during an compliance audit

To learn more about this integration and other ways we are automating access control please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.