Property Managers

Cloud-Based Proptech for Property Managers

Property Managers

Cloud-Based Proptech for Property Managers

From parking garage to office suite, Genea helps property managers transform their buildings into more efficient smart buildings. See how Hines, Brookfield Properties and other top commercial real estate groups are using Genea to automate their buildings’ access control security, submeter reading and billing, and Overtime HVAC, as well as enhance the guest experience with visitor management. Tailored to commercial real estate, our solutions empower property managers to achieve cost savings and increased tenant satisfaction. Unlock the future of property management with Genea.


Trusted by property managers from 21 of the top 25 CRE companies

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Access Control Security

Security for the Modern Commercial Building

Access Control Security

Security for the Modern Commercial Building

Property management teams face new challenges every day. Your security doesn’t have to be one of them.


Access Control Security:
Benefits at a Glance

Custom Tenant Portals

Give your tenants an easy way of managing their office security with Genea Tenant Portals. Tenants can monitor access and change user permissions.

Data-driven Reporting

Genea Security provides robust access reporting. Get granular data on a tenant-by-tenant basis, providing real-time visibility into building occupancy. By tracking who enters and when, property managers can enhance security and ensure the safety of occupants.

Easily Add & Remove Users

Building teams can easily add and remove users from the building and suite. Eliminate redundancies while streamlining credential provisioning. Additionally, with Building Sync, permissions at the building level are automatically adjusted when a tenant adds or removes an access credential.

Mobile or Physical Credentials

Tenants love options. So do we. Let tenants choose their preferred access device, whether it be key cards, key fobs or mobile access control.


The Genea cloud gives you the ability to connect and monitor your building whether on- or off-site.

Video Management Integrations

Integrate your video security cameras with Genea Security. Map your cameras and view them from a single pane of glass.

Streamline & Secure


Distribute mobile key cards, automate the adding and removing of users, assign custom roles and more.


Gather foot traffic data across your entire portfolio. Integrate with your security cameras for a single pane of glass solution.


Generate audit logs in real time. Archive non-pertinent access events or respond to emergencies.


Export and share data with your team or tenants.

A Single Pane of Glass

The Complete Security Solution

A Single Pane of Glass

The Complete Security Solution

  • Cloud-based Access Control for the Future

    Achieve flexibility in your security. Cloud-based access control gives you the ability to work from anywhere, whether on-the-go or at the office. The cloud provides instant updates, so you’ll always have the latest features as soon as they’re deployed.

  • Your Hardware Matters

    Most providers force customers to use proprietary access control hardware. Not Genea. Our system is built on non-proprietary hardware, meaning you can switch providers without reinstalling your entire system. Our non-proprietary, Mercury-based hardware empowers property managers with the equipment they’ll need for the long run. Bottom line: You’ll never get locked into paying for a service you don’t want.

  • Get Granular with Robust Features

    Property managers can provision key cards, monitor foot traffic at the building or suite level, stay up to date on hardware statuses and more from a powerful dashboard.

Access Control Security

Gain Valuable Data for Lease Negotiations

Access Control Security

Gain Valuable Data for Lease Negotiations

Leverage building attendance data to negotiate your tenants’ leases.

  • Attendance Reports

    Genea Security includes exportable, monthly attendance reports. These reports help property managers gain a better understanding of how often tenants visit the building and the amenities they use.

  • Parking Management Tools

    Genea integrates with FLASH parking to help ensure tenants only use the number of spaces allotted by their leases.

  • Elevator Destination Dispatch

    Integrate with elevators like Braxos, OTIS and Schindler. Schedule hours when visitors must use their keycards. Improve traffic flow and reduce wait times with destination dispatch.

  • Muster Reports and Emergency Plans

    From an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard, property managers can monitor the foot traffic at the building or suite level. Draft emergency plans, get hardware status alerts, use Muster reports, add and remove users and more.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management for Property Managers

Visitor Management

Visitor Management for Property Managers

Make a good first impression on guests with Genea Visitor Management. Property managers can expedite the guest check-in process by creating a digital workflow. Get visitors to their destinations faster with mobile badges.

  • Automate the visitor management process to save time

  • Set custom check-in and check-out times

  • Create role-based guest credentials

  • Instant arrival notifications

I love how it frees up our management team’s time and is so user friendly.

Jimmy BushProperty Manager

The best part of Genea’s Submeter Billing Service is how easy it is to report readings and quickly we receive statements and reports. The biggest benefit has been that it saves us time on the back end not having to compile and calculate the readings for billing.

Nyeela LoveOperations Coordinator, EQ Office

This product offers real-time afterhours HVAC made simple, on computers and a mobile app. Automated real-time ordering is a “convenience” that all tenants should have and all management companies should have the ability to meet this on-demand need, in real-time!

Edward KimAssistant Property Manager, Brookfield Properties

Submeter Billing

Submeter Billing for Property Managers

Submeter Billing

Submeter Billing for Property Managers

Cutting costs is easier with submeter reading and billing. Submetering helps property teams and tenants more accurately measure their utility usage and gain a better understanding of where they can consume less. Compatible with networked and non-networked meters, Genea ensures you get the proper reading every time. Collect actionable data, drive energy efficiency and achieve sustainability and ESG goals.

How Genea Submeter Billing and Reading Works

Genea Submeter Billing uses cloud-based technology to simplify your meter reading process and collect accurate utility data. Here’s how.


To start, your building team selects their method of metering. Genea is building agnostic, meaning our solution works with any BMS (building management system).


After capturing the meter read, data is compiled by Genea representatives.


Benefits of Submeter Billing and Reading

Eliminate clipboards and spreadsheets

Handle multipliers, rollovers and complex billing scenarios

Create audit trails

Pinpoint energy leaks

Sync meter reads between your mobile device and the building

Submeter Billing

How Does Submeter Billing Help?

Submeter Billing

How Does Submeter Billing Help?

Genea Submeter Billing is a valuable tool for property managers, simplifying utility cost allocation. It streamlines the process of tracking, billing and collecting utility expenses, allowing property managers to allocate costs accurately to tenants. This transparent and efficient system reduces disputes, increases tenant satisfaction, and improves financial management for property managers.

Curious to learn more about submetering?

In this introductory guide, explore why many teams are looking to submetering as the solution.
Overtime HVAC

Overtime HVAC for Property Managers

Overtime HVAC

Overtime HVAC for Property Managers

Don’t pay for heating and cooling you don’t need. With Genea Overtime HVAC, tenants can request after-hours HVAC whenever they need it – no request deadlines, no extra paperwork.  Property managers can automate service fulfillment and billing.

The Problems with Workorder Systems

Instead of spending time manually fulfilling tenant HVAC requests, property managers can automate their workflow with Genea. See how you can connect and unify your after-hours HVAC processes using only a Genea device and a smartphone.

Isolated Systems

Genea Overtime HVAC bridges your BMS, workorder system and accounting systems. When a tenant requests HVAC service, it will be automatically be fulfilled by the BMS.

Leasing Nuances

Account for holidays, weekends and other lease intricacies when fulfilling after-hours heating and cooling requests.

Time-Sensitive Requests

Eliminate advanced notice. Now tenants can request HVAC service when they need it and get it fulfilled automatically.

Go “On-Demand” with Heating and Cooling

Tenants and property teams alike benefit from going on-demand with Overtime HVAC. Learn how you can cut costs, save time and conserve energy.

  • Conserve Energy and Cut Costs

    Increase efficiency and reduce utility expenses by operating at a minimum load.

  • Create Recurring Schedules

    Set up recurring schedules for regularly timed after-hours heating and cooling.

  • Holiday and Weekend Work

    Save energy and reduce costs by running equipment during off hours only when requested.

  • Email Confirmations

    Make sure your team is informed. Every time a new request is made, property teams receive a notification identifying the request.

  • Mobile App

    Tenants can request heating and cooling requests from our mobile app.

Benefits of Overtime HVAC

Put Tenants First

From a smartphone, your tenants can submit after-hours HVAC and lighting requests.

Save Time

Automate your time-consuming, manual processes.

Drive Revenue

Through automation, we help you capture all potential revenue.

Save Energy

Run your equipment only when needed.

Get the Help You Need

Genea will guide you through the installation process from start to finish. Whether you’re replacing an outdated system or installing a new solution, Genea will make sure you have the help you need.  

98% Customer Retention

24/7/365 Support

75 Net Promoter Score

1,000,000+ Satisfied Users

See why Property Managers trust Genea.