HVAC Only When You Need It


HVAC Only When You Need It

Embrace building efficiency with On-Demand HVAC. Eliminate hours of tedious paperwork and manual billing by automating your HVAC workflow.  Going on-demand means you’ll run HVAC only when you need it most — cutting costs and saving energy.

Makes Sense

Weekend and Minor Holidays

Don’t waste time and money running HVAC equipment at full capacity.
Tenants can request HVAC services as needed from the Genea app or portal.

Building Operations

Run your central plant at a minimum load, or power down completely.
The ventilation system functions normally to ensure proper airflow.

Recurring Schedules

Automated operations by letting tenants make recurring weekly or monthly HVAC schedules.

Save Time, Energy, and Money

Tenants request HVAC.
Teams fulfill requests remotely.
Everybody saves. It’s a win, win, win.

Prioritize Safety at All Times

Prioritize Safety at All Times

When systems require maintenance, safety measures are taken.

  • Disabled Service Events

    Use the “Disabled Service Events” command to safely power down before maintenance begins.

  • Tenant Notification

    If a tenant requests HVAC service during a Disabled Service Event, they receive an automatic notification that service is unavailable.

Save on Equipment Costs

Save on Equipment Costs

Save energy and cut costs by running equipment only when needed. Overtime HVAC allows buildings to go on-demand during weekends and minor holidays. This reduced system runtime translates to longer lasting equipment.

The biggest pro of Genea’s Overtime HVAC product is that is easy to use and that you are able to use a mobile device as well.

Chad CrothersEngineer, Hines

Genea’s Overtime HVAC product is an asset to my daily routine; it is user-friendly and provides the information I need. My team and I have been very satisfied using the Genea system.

Brenda BorjaProperty Manager, JMB Constellation

Genea is the real deal with tracking overtime HVAC use! I have used the Genea software on a regular basis for over two years and have yet to encounter an issue with running reports or navigating through the system. Hands down the BEST software and value for the money!

Allen BowmanAsset Manager, CIM Group

Save Labor and Time

No longer does an engineer have to be in the building to fulfill weekend requests. Building teams and tenants can turn on HVAC and lighting directly from their phone or web portal. Our OTHVAC software keeps the property fully informed of tenant requests in multiple ways.

Email Confirmations

Every time a new request is made, building teams receive an email notifying them that a new request has been submitted.

Pending Requests Report

View detailed reports outlining future HVAC service requests and automate for sending to property teams on a regular basis.

Cancelled Requests

Property management and engineering teams also receive email confirmations whenever a tenant cancels a request.

Current Requests Dashboard

Property teams have access to a dashboard of all current requests to see which areas are running at any given time.

Manual Adjustments? No Problem

Manual Adjustments? No Problem

In some cities, regulations require that an engineer manually adjusts equipment, rather than allowing software to do so. This process involves Genea providing the software allowing tenants to submit requests and property teams to manage them.

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The Process for Manual Adjustments

Easy-to-Use Platform

Genea provides the interface to submit and manage requests.

Air Flow Begins Immediately

The Genea system starts fans so the tenant can feel air flowing. Once a request is made, the engineer is notified to manually program the BMS.

Calculated Invoices

Overtime HVAC then calculates the invoice for the correct amount of the request.

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The Largest Commercial Real Estate Companies Use Genea

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See why the world’s largest corporate real estate companies trust Genea to automate their operations.

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