Eagle Eye Networks

Ensuring your company’s physical assets and employees are secure is a critical priority. That’s why you’re reading this, of course! Often times, companies operate disconnected video management and access control systems, which leaves them monitoring logs constantly. This wastes your time and the company’s money. We’re here to fix that for you.

With physical security evolving as the needs of today’s businesses, access control and video surveillance are the top two ways in which technology has helped advance our security and make us feel safer. Video surveillance offers a strong and reliable method of security by adding a component of visibility. Access control guarantees that a user’s identity is confirmed and authorities entry.

These two methods have traditionally worked well to secure a building and its occupants, but a recent trend in security technology has taken over: Businesses today are integrating access control with video surveillance for a more powerful security measure and a more efficient way to collect data. Integrated video surveillance and access control allows you to see critical information from both systems in a single interface.

Genea Access Control integration with Eagle Eye Video Management System (VMS), ensures foolproof security of your organization, preventing unauthorized access. Features as part of this integration includes:

  • Ability to monitor access logs with Eagle Eye cameras – Administrators can correlate their video feed with events and activities from our access control systems (investigating door access grants, door access deny event, a door held or forced open events).
  • Allow mapping cameras to the doors, in order to get instant access to right video feed at the right time.
  • Video wall allows users to view and monitor live video feeds from the cameras together in a customizable way within the Genea application. Every admin can personalize their wall views!

Save time and money while increasing security by leveraging our access control integration with Eagle Eye Video Management.

If you would like to learn more about our Eagle Eye integration, or would like to set up your integration, please contact us and a member of our team would be happy to help.