Managing security can be challenging. But Genea’s Access Control integration with Arcules video management can help mitigate security risks by combining access control with video surveillance. By leveraging Arcules security cameras and Genea’s advanced, cloud-based technology, you can improve your access control experience and receive video verification of the people entering your facility at any given time. 

Key features of the Genea + Arcules Integration include: 

Mapping cameras to doors – This provides instant access to the right video feed at the right time, eliminating the need for manual searching. 

Live Video Stream – View live video streams from Arcules cameras, providing real-time insight into what is happening in your facility. 

Camera Wall – Monitor multiple video streams from a single screen with Arcules’ camera wall feature, allowing you to keep an eye on your facility’s security from one centralized location. 

To learn more about how the Genea Security + Arcules integration can benefit your organization, contact a Genea expert today