Avigilon Unity

The future of security lies within a single pane of glass. Add efficiency to your day by integrating Genea Security with video management from Avigilon Unity. Genea’s cloud-based, non-proprietary system makes it simple to monitor your security from a single pane of glass, resulting in faster emergency action, quicker facility oversight and an overall more secure facility. Enterprises, hospitals, schools and more can stay secure by implementing the Genea Security + Avigilon Unity integration. 

Key Features of the Genea Security + Avigilon Unity Integration: 

Live Camera Walls: Effortlessly stream Avigilon video feeds directly from Genea’s cloud-based dashboard, providing real-time surveillance at your fingertips. 

Event Linking and Video Playback: Instantly verify security incidents with automated video linkage to access control events or alarms. This integrated feature ensures a swift response to any potential threat. 

Interactive Floor Plans: Visualize your facility like never before with interactive floor plans. Easily map doors, cameras, IoT sensors, and more, all while simultaneously monitoring live video feeds from Avigilon. Gain comprehensive situational awareness with this innovative tool. 

To see how you can take advantage of this game-changing integration, contact a Genea team member.  

Avigilon Unity