On-Prem Active Directory

On-Premise Active Directory: Automating Physical Access Control with Provisioning and Deprovisioning Workflows.

Access control is traditionally two things: a manual process with keys or cards and a standalone system. Even as cloud-based access control systems have become more popular, traditional software providers have not fully realized the importance of integrating with other cloud-based products. These integrations, however, are a critical component to automating provisioning and deprovisioning workflows for physical access control. 

Manual and dated processes can lead to critical failures in deprovisioning user access. In some cases it can take months to deprovision former employees across all office locations, if it even happens at all. For organizations where security is essential with strict deprovisioning requirements this is an unacceptable outcome. 

Integration with On-Prem Active Directory

1. Set up your Integration

This is the easy part, simply paste your customized Genea API token from the integrations page into your On-Prem AD Genea application.

2. Create Provisioning Rules

Once you’ve integrated your On-Prem AD instance with Genea, you can then set up rules for how you want different user groups to be provisioned into Genea by location.

In the screenshot below, we are designing a rule to add all users from On-Prem AD with City = New York and Groups = IT-Managers to be provisioned into Genea with the Access Group: Admin, User Type: Admin and each user in this group will automatically receive a mobile key on their phone.

3. Create Rules by Location

For companies with more than one location leveraging Genea, you’ll want to design your provisioning rules by location. To do so, simply go to the integration page and you’ll see the prompts to set up rules by location.

Now you are all set! To learn more about this integration and other ways we are automating access control please schedule a demo below.