TK Elevator

Better Building Management

TK Elevator Destination Dispatch is an elevator control system that optimizes the efficiency and performance of elevators in a building. The integration helps property managers improve the traditional elevator experience by assigning and directing passengers to specific elevators based on their destination floors.

Benefits of TK Elevator Destination Dispatch

Genea Access Control + TK Elevator gives users a leg up when it comes to convenience and security.


  • Holistic Security– Know who is using the elevator whenever a mobile credential or physical access badge is scanned.
  • Efficient Floor Access– Passengers reach their destinations more quickly.
  • Elevator Access Groups- Manage access permissions in bulk, right from the Genea Access Control dashboard.
  • Consolidate Access Reports– View access reports from one location.

The integration between TK Elevator with Genea Security makes it possible to efficiently guide individuals to their office. This advanced destination dispatch system enhances traffic flow within your building. Reach out to us for further details or to explore how Genea can optimize your building processes.