Rhombus Systems

The integration between Genea Security and Rhombus Systems unites security systems by providing a seamless solution. With this next-generation, cloud-based technology, security teams can sync surveillance cameras to their Genea Security system using only an API token.

Once connected, teams have the power to map door alarms to cameras. If an incident occurs, such as a forced door, the door alarm will be triggered, and a video stream will open within the Access Control Dashboard. Features of the integration include:

  • Door Mapping- Link security cameras to door access events.
  • Real-time Video Feeds- When an incident takes place, an alarm will trigger
  • Facial Recognition- Rhombus identifies employees based on the credentials created in Access Control.
  • Event Markers- Quickly scrub to an access event for review.

Interested in learning more? Read our blog, or contact a Genea expert.