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Access Control Takeover

Before spending unnecessary dollars to replace your current hardware, check your system. With a number of systems, Genea can reconfigure your controller and take over the software.

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A Single Pane of Glass: Why Centralized Security is Necessary

Security is changing. Learn how having a centralized security system will help you increase efficiency, prepare for emergencies and more…all from a single pane of glass.

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The 3 Essential Characteristics of Access Control

Integrations play a critical role in the rapidly evolving world of physical security, especially when it comes to access control. As organizations increasingly adopt cloud-based technology, security professionals must find the right solution for their clients. Learn the three most essential qualities clients look for in access control.

Understanding the Differences Between NFC and Bluetooth

NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are two types of protocols or “languages” electronic devices use to communicate. Learn about the differences and similarities between NFC and BLE.

All You Need to Know About Submetering

In this introductory guide, explore why many teams are looking to submetering as the solution.

5 Key Elements for a Touchless Access Control Building

One buzzword that appears all over blogs and webinars is “touchless access control.” However, what does that really mean?

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Proprietary vs. Open Hardware

As companies and building managers have been trying to embrace open protocol hardware to increase flexibility and reduce future capex requirements, certain access control companies have been cleverly twisting the term “open” to suit their needs.

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Safe Workplace

Safe Workplace is a safety feature built on top of Genea;s Access Control and Visitor Management platform that extends into capacity planning, contact tracing, compliance and alerting.

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The Four Most Common Submeter Billing Mistakes

Are these submeter billing mistakes in your spreadsheets? Here’s how to avoid costly errors, and keep a better audit trail for your invoicing.