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If you manage an office (or many offices) for a company, you’re juggling a wide variety of responsibilities every day. One of those responsibilities is making sure the working environment is comfortable and safe for your employees, especially when they’re working outside of normal business hours. Overtime HVAC in offices helps managers and their teams.

If an employee or team needs to stay late or work on a project over the weekend, they’ll likely need HVAC during hours where that’s normally not provided. For many facility and office managers, managing this can be a logistical headache. 

Since most companies rent space, rather than own their facilities outright, they’re working with a property management team for things like HVAC. They may need to jump through hoops to get that overtime air. Genea Overtime HVAC helps teams avoid giving advanced notice, filling out forms, and having little control over reviewing, cancelling, or modifying requests.  

This is why having overtime HVAC software in place is becoming so crucial for facility and office managers. Here are a few of the main reasons companies are starting to demand the implementation of this software in their locations. 

1. Tenant Software is Easy

With everything that’s already on your plate, any process that takes up more time than it should is frustrating. Overtime HVAC tenant software allows you to submit, review, modify, and cancel after hours air requests through a mobile interface. You can even provide the software to your employees, so they can submit specific requests themselves (while still allowing you the oversight to review billable requests). 

2. Manage Costs with Overtime HVAC

Overtime HVAC gets billed back to you. Therefore, teams want to know exactly who made the request, when it occurred and why. Overtime HVAC software allows your employees to include notes with each request, so you can attribute the cost of that HVAC to the appropriate department, case, or project. You can also ensure that requests are only getting submitted when the air is truly needed, instead of employees requesting air “just in case,” due to the manual nature of previous request processes. 

3. You Can Control Access

Overtime HVAC software allows you to give request access to the appropriate members of the team. The managing partner can request air whenever they need it, but the interns may only be able to request air during free hours. You also receive an email alert every time a request is submitted, allowing you to monitor and manage requests according to company policy. This democratizes access to overtime HVAC, without you losing control of the requests. 

4. Tenant Software Gives You Confidence

Manual overtime HVAC processes are a black box. Overtime HVAC software provides an easy way to see requests, who made those requests, and the cost. Additionally, give yourself the confidence of accurate billing.   

5. It Creates a Standard

If you have multiple offices in different buildings to manage, overtime HVAC becomes a nightmare. That’s why many companies are using overtime HVAC software to standardize their processes for all of their locations. This allows them extend the benefits of overtime HVAC software across their entire operations, creating a level of consistency and transparency that’s otherwise impossible to attain.  

Overtime HVAC software is one of the practical technology solutions that’s making big waves in facility and property management. Request a demo to see Genea Overtime HVAC in action.

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