Makes Tenants Happy

Our software provides a convenient, intuitive way for your tenants to submit overtime HVAC and lighting requests, giving you happier tenants.

Saves Time

Our software automates the manual processes that currently eat up your day and generate a lot of last-minute phone calls in the evening and on weekends.

Increases Revenue

Manual processes often lead to mistakes, lost revenue, and increased risk. Our software helps you capture all the potential revenue from your overtime HVAC program.

Saves Energy

We make it easy to request, manage, and bill for after hours HVAC use. That way you can save energy and money by only running equipment when it's needed.

Submit Requests at Any Time

Our software allows tenants to submit requests at a moment's notice through their smartphone or computer, eliminating the need for 24-hour advanced notice and pre-programming of your building management system. It also allows them to modify and cancel their own requests, giving them a sense of control and eliminating back and forth with your property team.

Fulfill Requests Automatically

Our software fulfills the overtime HVAC requests through your existing building management system, following all of your rules and protocols, eliminating the need for an engineer to manually program and monitor every request.

Create Invoices Based on Your Allowances

Our software automatically accounts for all of the complexities and exceptions written into your lease language. In addition, tenants approve any charges upon submission of the request, so there's no haggling over charges. Then our software generates monthly invoices that can be imported directly into your existing accounting software.

No setup fees or hardware costs, so you don't have to worry about finding room in the budget for new technology.

Handles complex billing scenarios with ease and creates invoices that will import directly into your account system.
Integrates with your existing EMS, using your existing protocols and rules. Whatever your setup, we can work with it.
Allows individual tenants to submit requests in under a minute, including confirming the cost of the request.
Unlimited, US-based support and monitoring means you, your tenants, and your equipment are taken care of around the clock.
Automatically sends out confirmation emails to the tenant, office manager, and building engineer, so everyone is in the loop.

Learn more about how our software helps property management teams manage their after hours HVAC programs.

Our Overtime HVAC Service makes it easy for tenants to submit after hours HVAC requests. Genea's software works with your EMS to fulfill the requests and create invoices based on your lease allowances. Learn how we analyze and quantify the impact of our software so you can determine whether automating your after hours HVAC program could have a similar effect on your building or portfolio.