How Property Teams Can Save Energy by Going On-Demand

This week, our VP of Sales, Rob Vail hosted a webinar focused on How Property Teams can Save Energy by Going On-Demand.

As a result of COVID-19, many tenants have shifted to working remote, leaving buildings with a much lower occupancy than usual. During this time, some of our clients have been able to generate significant energy savings by turning off building equipment during Monday through Friday lease hours. They are also using Genea’s OTHVAC service to allow tenants to turn on HVAC as needed. This is an excellent option for running buildings more efficiently during periods of lower occupancy.

This webinar will teach you how to have your building go on-demand for your Overtime HVAC Requests and how to generate significant savings during lease hours.

Please contact us with any further questions regarding your building going on-demand.

How Property Teams Can Save Energy by Going On-Demand

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