December 2023 Shop Talk: Cracking the Code – Exploring the Significance of Title 24

Title 24 is changing the way the commercial real estate industry consumes and measures utilities. Learn how the regulation is affecting building portfolios and see how you can more accurately account for your lighting, HVAC, air, and more with submetering.  

October 2023 Shop Talk: Unveiling the Dynamic Partnership between Genea and Gridium

Genea and guest partner, Gridium, introduce viewers to the power of energy analytics and utility dashboarding. See how your utility data can be monitored and compiled to help you and your tenants save energy.

September 2023 Shop Talk: Unlock the Power of Dent Meters

When it comes to submetering, property managers and engineers depend on accuracy. See how meter manufacturer Dent Instruments is working with Genea to empower building teams with highly efficient submetering systems.

August 2023 Shop Talk: Accelerating ESG Success and Mastering Data Collection

In our first Shop Talk webinar, Brian Haine, Operations Systems Engineer at Genea, shares his expertise on metering equipment and utility monitoring.