Midyear Product Updates: New Customer-Inspired Features for 2022

On July 13, Genea reviewed its latest integration and feature releases during the Genea Product Update webinar. The biannual virtual event highlighted some of the most significant technological advancements made to Genea Security, a cloud-based software system that operates on non-proprietary hardware.   

All 27 features and eight integrations released between January and July 2022, were created directly from the 200 customer insights Genea received. These insights included customer-geared conversations, idea exchanges and feature requests.  

“The voice of the customer is always the number one priority for us,” said Genea Product Director Matija Abicic, who led the webinar.  

Abicic began by presenting several hardware integrations, including:   

  • WaveLynx and STid door readers– Now customers can choose from a broader range of non-proprietary hardware readers, in addition to HID. 
  • Rhombus Systems’ video management– Monitor and sync your video surveillance within Access Control. 
  • FLASH Parking– Monthly parking automation meets Access Control. Unify these separate systems to automate the adding and removing of users from each system. 
  • ASSA ABLOY Wireless Locks– Install locks in hard-to-secure locations, without ever running cabling. 
  • Schindler Elevator Destination Dispatch– Sync access control credentials with your Schindler elevators to create a seamless journey from lobby to suite.  

These customer-requested integrations help connect users’ otherwise disparate technology systems. For example, the Rhombus video management-Access Control integration unifies access events with surveillance video. When someone badges into an office, a notification will occur in Access Control along with the Rhombus video feed. 

Abicic continued the webinar by covering new features within the Access Control platform, including: 

  • Custom Reporting– Add filters and access data to automated reports that get delivered right to your inbox on a weekly basis.  
  • Custom Roles– Create varied levels of permissions to different roles within your organization.  
  • Emergency Plans– Design and implement unique emergency door plans for situations like fire drills, active shooter scenarios and more.  

After presenting these features, Abicic began the demo portion of the webinar.  

“We don’t develop an integration for one customer or site specifically, instead we put in the time and effort to make sure any of our customers can use these integrations once they’re developed,” Abicic said.  

The integrations are made simple and appear as titles within the Access Control dashboard. With a few clicks and an API code, customers can integrate their systems. 

Before the conclusion of the webinar, Genea unveiled its upcoming integration with Apple.

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