February 2024 Shop Talk: Cybersecurity & The Smart Building

With property technology becoming increasingly popular in commercial real estate (CRE), teams must ensure they have implemented the proper cyber security. In this episode of Shop Talk with Brian Haine, Will Clifford of Montgomery Technologies and Genea discuss the role of cyber security in smart buildings. Learn about the vulnerabilities hackers look for and how you can protect against them as well as the steps you can take when implementing physical and cyber security systems. 

woman entering turnstyle with mobile

Building Access Control in a Post-COVID-19 World

Genea’s Michael Maxsenti along with Danielle Ebner at Smarter Security and Emily Thrasher at Proxyclick hosted a Webinar focused on touchless Access Control, Entrance Control and Visitor Management during COVID-19.

Staying Secure: Access Control Best Practices

Schools. Healthcare. Retail. CRE. Security vulnerabilities are real. But there’s good news: you can minimize risk. Take a look at how many industries are addressing potential security concerns.

zoomed in view of meter

November 2023 Shop Talk: Evaluating the Future of Submetering

Jake Seegrist from Next Century Meters stops by to discuss how property teams are gaining real-time insight into their energy consumption with submetering.