Submetering Laws, Regulations and How to Adjust

As the global energy crisis looms, state and municipal governments are imposing more stringent energy requirements. These requirements affect the way commercial and residential properties across the country submeter their utilities.

Genea continues its ongoing webinar series with a look into these submetering laws and regulations. The webinar, “Submetering: Laws, Regulations and How You Should Adjust,” highlights changes around the United States, particularly in places like New York, California and Washington.

Keynote speakers Genea Director of Technical Services, Brian Haine, and Senior Advisor, Elizabeth Majkowski, join moderator and Regional Director of Business Development, Yoni Ron, to detail:

• ASHRAE 90.1-2019
• California’s Title 24 and its disaggregation specifications
• NYC Local Law 88 and 97 and their lighting, submeter and billing requirements
• NYC Local Law 132
• Washington’s C409

Haine begins, speaking about the impact of ASHRAE 90.1-2019. Most states have adopted some edition of the energy code, which gets revised every three years. The 2019 edition, Haine says, is the benchmark for commercial energy standards. Requirements include making data available to tenants and separately metering different load types.

While speaking about New York’s Local Law 88, Majkowski mentions the importance of performing the required updates earlier rather than later.
“Although the compliance deadline is almost four years away, it’s critical to evaluate all your tenant spaces in your portfolio now,” Majkowski says. “…Identify where lighting upgrades are required and submeters still need to be installed.”

Haine cautions that states and municipalities yet to implement strict submetering may do so soon.

“California and New York tend to come up with these ideas first, and then they [spread] across the rest of the country,” Haine says. “So even if these [regulations] don’t apply to you right now, you need to be aware of them.”

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