Automating Submeter Reading and Billing

Genea hosted a webinar on Automating the Way you Manage Submeter Reading and Billing. The Webinar was moderated by Genea’s VP of Sales, Robert Vail and featured three Submeter Reading and Billing Experts, Brian Haine, Paul Marcoux and Laura Mullins.

Rob kicked off the webinar with a brief overview of Genea and our cloud-based software solutions for commercial real estate buildings.

Brian Haine, Genea’s Director of Technical Services, covered the basics of submeters including the different types, best practices for purchasing and installing the right submeter for your building, the life expectancy of meters and how to collect meter reads.

Paul Marcoux, Director of Submeter Billing Operations at Genea, then dug a little deeper into what to do once you have collected those meter reads. He provided a comprehensive overview on how to accurately analyze utility bills, how to precisely bill for submeter usage, and then addressed mistakes commonly made when taking submeter reads.

The last portion of the webinar featured Genea’s Senior Submeter Billing Consultant, Laura Mullins. Laura previously held the position of CEO and President at Moylan Energy Management for over 20 years prior to Genea acquiring Moylan in July of 2019. Laura walks through the different components of a utility bill and how to make sure you understand it, utility allocation and how to correctly billback utility usage and utility resale to your tenants (in certain markets).

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