Keeping Workplaces Healthy & Safe with Touchless Visitor Management

Touchless access control and visitor management practices are critical to ensuring a safe and healthy environment. As tenants slowly return to the office, we can help office and building teams prepare for this new reality.

Genea’s enhanced visitor management product has streamlined and simplified the administration process for tenants and guests visiting buildings providing a frictionless user experience. It also integrates seamlessly into our access control product for an all-in-one cloud-based solution with 24/7 direct support.

Genea’s VP of Sales, Rob Vail moderated Mike Maxsenti, Genea’s Head of Access Control along with Genea’s Product Manager, Matija Abicic. Mike and Matija demonstrated how the platform works, how to customize it for each building’s or tenant’s specific needs, and shared future upgrades and integrations in development. You can watch the full webinar below.

A few highlights included:

  • Best practices for implementing touchless visitor management into buildings
  • How to safely allow employees and guests access to buildings and offices 
  • Touchless Visitor Management product demo

For further information on how Genea can provide your building or enterprise with a touchless, integrated access control and visitor management solution, please schedule a demo.

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Building Access Control in a Post-COVID-19 World

Genea’s Michael Maxsenti along with Danielle Ebner at Smarter Security and Emily Thrasher at Proxyclick hosted a Webinar focused on touchless Access Control, Entrance Control and Visitor Management during COVID-19.

Get Back to the Office with Safe Workplace

Keeping employees healthy and safe is is a top priority for all businesses and organizations. New and ever-changing guidelines on limiting the number of people who can gather in an area at a given time presents a unique challenge for the return to work. Safe Workplace can help.

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Touchless Access Control for Buildings

Touchless access control and visitor management practices are critical for a safe and healthy work environment. Genea is here to help office and building teams prepare for the new reality.