Get Back to the Office with Safe Workplace

Genea’s VP of Sales, Rob Vail moderated our latest webinar, Get People Back to the Office with Safe Workplace. Our Head of Access Control, Mike Maxsenti, and Product Manager, Matija Abicic presented our cloud-based Access Control platform and demonstrated the Safe Workplace features.

At Genea, we know keeping people healthy and safe for the return to the office is a top priority for all businesses and organizations. New and ever-changing guidelines on limiting the number of people who can gather in an area at a given time presents a unique challenge for the return to work.

Buildings and organizations are reconfiguring their spaces to allow for physical distancing to ensure all staff, visitors and employees are safe and adhere to all protocols.

To help business navigate this new office environment and enforce the necessary rules, we released Safe Workplace – a set of safety features integrated into our Access Control platform and mobile application.

With Safe Workplace, admins of the platform can:
  • Create custom daily questionnaires
  • Limit the number of people coming into a space on any given day
  • Enforce social distancing with occupancy thresholds and alerts to monitor activity levels inside the building or workplace
  • Contact tracing for quick potential COVID exposure notifications
  • Body temperature scanner integrations
  • Integrate even further with touchless visitor management

Additionally, Genea’s cloud-based access control platform is the first access control management software of its kind to be built on non-proprietary hardware and the only software that offers 24/7 direct support.

Please contact us for further information on how Genea can help your office re-open safely with an open, integrated access control and visitor management solution.

woman entering turnstyle with mobile

Building Access Control in a Post-COVID-19 World

Genea’s Michael Maxsenti along with Danielle Ebner at Smarter Security and Emily Thrasher at Proxyclick hosted a Webinar focused on touchless Access Control, Entrance Control and Visitor Management during COVID-19.

Keeping Workplaces Healthy & Safe with Touchless Visitor Management

Touchless access control and visitor management practices are critical for a safe and healthy work environment. Genea is here to help office and building teams prepare for the new reality.

Genea Security Software Product Demo

Genea VP of Sales Robert Vail walks users through the Genea Security and Visitor Management platforms. See how this cloud-based, non-proprietary access control solution can help your IT and security teams.