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COVID-19 has changed – and will continue to impact – the way organizations do business and the ability to return to the office safely. Social distancing protocols, evolving guidelines on the number of people who can gather indoors, and remote working have rewritten the script on safeguarding the workplace and the people who work there. But just as Genea’s Access Control solution revolutionized employee credentialing and visitor management, we have reimagined returning to work with a new set of features: Safe Workplace.

Keeping people healthy and safe is a top priority for all businesses. Organizations are reconfiguring spaces to allow for physical distancing to ensure all staff, visitors, and employees are safe and adhere to the latest protocols. With Safe Workplace, you can enable the safe return to the workplace. Features include daily custom health questionnaires, integration with body temperature scanners, workplace capacity management and contact tracing that enables quick and easy highlights of any potential exposure for employees and visitors.

Safe Workplace automates access to a workplace through fully customizable qualifications, ensuring your office adheres to all security and COVID protocols.

Capacity settings and alerts ensures only symptomless, approved individuals are granted access.

  • Limit the number of people coming to your space on a given day
  • Enforce social distancing with occupancy thresholds and alerts to help you monitor activity levels inside your building or workplace
  • Integrate even further with the touchless visitor management
  • Integrates with body temperature scanners

Safety and security rely on compliance, adherence, and consistency. Safe Workplace optimizes all in an environment driven by COVID protocols by automating access to a workplace through fully customizable qualifications. Administrators, for example, can set capacity limits by reducing workplace capacity from 100 people to 20 with a single keystroke.

Employees can reserve a space in the office, answering a series of health questions to determine their confirmation or denial of access, before they ever leave home. Onsite thermal sensors can check temperatures, communicate with online access panels, and deny access if a high temperature is recorded.

If you are serious about opening back up safely, get everything you need to future-proof your access control with features designed to get people back to work safely. Schedule a demo to learn how Genea can safeguard your office with an open, integrated access control and visitor management platform.

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